The 'rents come to visit (Day 5-7)

Sunday, 30 November 2014

With this, marks the end of 7 day trip that my parents had in Korea with me. Can't wait till I get to go back to Singapore to see them in February, not to mention all my friends and family too in preparation for the Chinese New Year. Anyhow, since my parents came over to Cheonan, it was the perfect opportunity to take them around to see my school, my usual hang out places where I eat, and also my friends who I hang out with.

Had lunch before bringing them to my school, and showed them around. Took the chance to go to nice areas to take photos too. Walked around, introduced the different buildings and showed them where I study. All in all, I prefer city areas where there's more hustle and bustle rather than the quiet nature that is in Cheonan. 
Well, there's nothing much to tell about a university, and we just went around taking photos, so I'll let the photos do the talking!

Boys will be boys lol

It started to get chilly around 5-6pm so my mum started jogging ahead lol

If only my parents are as crazy about profile pictures as our generation is.

Brought them to have dinner at our usual ajuma place where we always have pork (고추장 주물럭) and ordered the Korean pancake too for them to try. Glad to have been able to share a little bit of the culture that I experience with my parents so that they understand and know how I am living here.


After dinner, full tummy, what else to do but to take a walk. Brought them all the way to the santorini-esque restaurants and housing area near trapalace housing estates. Went to walk around to look at different restaurants, lights and basically show them how far I have to walk for even a little bit of entertainment or food, or even to get out of the damn school :D

After that, we called it a night, went back to the dorm and had them take the shuttle bus back to Cheonan where they'd walk around and thereafter go back to the hotel for a night's rest.

The next day, I had them take the shuttle bus themselves and met them where they got off at the main building. It was the school's sports day, however I took the chance to not really be there, and went to walk around with my parents instead.It's technically not compulsory, but good that everyone should take part... however since I didn't join any sport, and they didn't have basketball this time around, it was literally just sitting and watching in the sun....

Had lunch at one of the nearby restaurants where we thought the meat was initially beef (because they had a signboard with a cow on it) but it turned out to be pork. Can you imagine, the meat was so delicious that I thought it was beef?

After lunch, walked with them towards Asan station where there was this mountain (well, hill) that me and the gf went during the courting stages (hahaha) and took a walk there. In the spring, it had beautiful cherry blossoms with an amazing walk way up to the mountain. However this time during autumn, it was a field of golden reeds swaying in the wind. It was an amazing sight! (Didn't even know that was going to happen, but glad my parents got to see it)

Looked way better with cherry blossoms on the sides

On the way up to the mountain

While we were at the top, an extremely cute dog came running up dressed in some cute clothes and even had dyed tips on its legs, ears and tail. It kept running back and forth and posing for photos. Managed to snap a nice one before the little bugger ran away.

Field of gold

After which, went to have dinner at Ashley's buffet and introduced them the awesome buffet that we always eat for celebrations of after-exams. Well initially, I was going to bring them to Saboten to have the famous black pork that I have been raving on and on about, however at the time that we went, they were all sold out! :( So we settled for Ashley's buffet, which was also as nice, but well... yeah.

As a disclaimer, my parents are not huge eaters. I'm the one who eats not just the most, but also their shares, so a buffet to them isn't music to their ears like it is to mine hahaha. I hope they enjoyed themselves, though.

After that, we waited outside Galleria for the (final) bus from Sunmoon to terminal and then we'd walk back to school. So we waited in the cold wind for the bus to arrive. When the time reached, the bus just sped off even without looking at the bus stop to see whether there was anyone waiting for the bus. Seriously, it was even more annoying because we waited around 20 minutes in the cold for the bus and it didn't even stop.

Well, taking a taxi back to the terminal wasn't a big deal to my parents; working adults, so they took a cab in the end back to the hotel and we made it back to the dorms.

Whilst waiting for the bus

For the final day in Cheonan, I took my parents to a meat buffet, that is really famous in Seoul's Hongdae area and that just opened up here in Cheonan Terminal. Had an enjoyable time having meat, and my parents really enjoyed how fresh and different the different meat (beef, duck, pork, chicken) was compared to Singapore. I'm glad they enjoyed themselves with me here.

After lunch, spent the time walking around, enjoying the breeze and basically just talking and being in each other's presence. Checked out of the hotel and went to Paul Bennett's cafe to grab a cuppa and just talked and waited for the bus timing. Anticipated that they could take the 8pm bus because their check-in time was around 10pm... however the last possible bus to the airport was at 7:10pm so they had to leave earlier. :(

Coffee time!

Alas, it was time for them to go. Much alike the last time I left them at Changi Airport to come to Korea, I couldn't hold back my tears, and neither could they. It was so sad. I could already feel it within me during the last hours before they had to go back. Finally we hugged, and said our goodbyes. The same bittersweet feeling I had whilst on the plane came back to me and I couldn't bear to think anymore about it lest more tears make its way down my cheeks.

Went back and then started doing work, preparing for lessons the next day, chatting with my parents via whatsapp when they arrived at the airport and waited to check-in and board the plane. Couldn't believe that 7 whole days just passed by in the blink of an eye, and here I was, waiting for another 5 more months before I could see them again.

Went to Seoul on the following weekend to get myself a new present thereafter; Sigma 35mm 1.4F lens, canon mount. Amazing lens, wish I got it earlier to be able to use it on my parents to capture better moments but I guess there's always next time.

This concludes my parents' 7 day trip to Korea. Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it. Enjoyed myself thoroughly with my parents and I guess an overseas experience is much needed in teaching a child the importance of our parents and how we shouldn't be taking them for granted.

Being away has made me realize that it was them that was always there when I needed someone the most, when everything else in the world, and everyone else in the world could fail, but your parents would be there to back you up. I really appreciate my parents and want to take this opportunity to thank them for their support in all my decisions (well, most) and for raising me up to where I am. We may not agree on everything, but at least you strived to instill the best values in me that you possibly could (hahaha). Thank you so much for your generosity, efforts, kindness, grace and above all, love.

Till next time~
Winter is coming!

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