3 Ways to Get Around Your Weaknesses

Saturday, 1 November 2014


I believe that weakness is all a state of mind.

It's just that at that point of situation, we all never realize that we're letting our weaknesses take over our actions and attitudes. But we only come to realize and remember that when it's over, or if the situation aggravates. However, if you're able to take control of your weakness and your actions, you'd come to find that you're able to manipulate the situation however you want, all because you worked your way around your weakness.

And that is called your strengths.

We're all born with strengths and weaknesses that balance out each other. Your weakness tends to get the better of you because you do not need to lift a finger to have your weaknesses exposed, you just need to lean on something, and that's the easiest thing in the world to do. However your strengths require you to put in effort, the grabbing of your nutsack and moving your ass forward instead of lazing around.

Now you know how we all work, it's time to get ourselves to understand that, and remember always to put it into action. Something I've learnt, is not to expect too much, from others and from yourself. Always set your mind out to give, and to give. Appreciate everything you receive, because they don't last forever. Especially when you know that not everyone can give.

How do you stay strong, that you'll forever try to give and not think of getting things in return?

1. Don't think too much.
An idle mind is the devil's playground. When you think, you start to ponder about things beyond your control, and when you start thinking like that, it often leads to a very sad situation, or a sad ending, and this makes you want to stay in your comfort zone more, makes you want to stay as a child, to forever receive attention, and to never grow up.

2. Don't underestimate yourself.
I've realized that when you think you can't do it, you really can't do it. When you've actually done it despite thinking you can't, that's when you feel like you're on top of the world. Most of the time, your frame of mind limits your actions. Thinking that you can't more often than not, stops you from even starting it out. The very moment when you put your best foot forward, give it all you've got, you'll realize that it's a lot more easier than you thought.

3. Love.
Everything begins when you think about the reason why you're doing it. Do it not for the sole purpose of gaining respect, gaining fame, or any other favour in return. Do it because on your account of love, there's many units to be given away and even when you're feeling selfish at that point, the moment you start doing it, you tend to realize you become happier as you give more units away. Whatever you give, more will definitely be added on to you. Why do you think generous people are happier? As you give, though unwillingly at the beginning, at the end you'll feel happier about yourself.

Your weaknesses in life, aren't really your weaknesses, it's because you think they're your weaknesses due to some things that have happened in your life that have shaped your constraints and restrictions. There's a saying that goes: "You have to face your fears" and I think it works as well together with weaknesses too, because it's really possible to turn them into strengths as long as you work hard enough, decide to put in the effort and not allow it to swallow you.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that everyone has weaknesses and we're all working to overcome them, day after day. It'd be nice to cut someone some slack if you see that they're struggling to accomplish something instead of trying to piss you off. 

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