Sunday, 5 October 2014

What makes you a good servant?
(And here, I don't mean a literal servant, one that works for a master)

Everyone wants to be a good leader, but never a good servant... But something to know, a good leader has always started by being the best servant, before more was entrusted to him, and finally, turning him into a leader. How do you lead the people under you, without knowing first, the experience from the ones under? How much would you know about the things those below you do, unless you have experienced them first-handedly?

What makes a good servant, in my opinion, is the attitude to learn. To be able to have an attitude of learning more and more even from someone who's younger than you, or less mature than you, because in everyone there's something to learn. You might not like some people, you might think all they do is talk big and do nothing most of the time, but actually there's always things to learn from people. I say this from personal experience!

What I didn't realize, was that there will never be a better time to learn. Why not prepare yourself while you can before it is too late? Complacency plays a really big part in failure. We always think to ourselves, 'We can always learn from someone else', 'We don't need people like these in our lives', 'Why would I put up with him just to "learn" something from him, if I actually can'.

Do you know what's the difference between a leader who serves and a servant who leads? Which one are you, the latter, or the former? Both are neither the other, and yet, both can be taken on by the same person. It's just the different attitude you uphold towards certain situations. As a leader, you lead those under you, but at the same time with the attitude of a servant whereby you are always open to learning, and are never stuck up.

At the same time, you can be a servant who leads, one who works his way well with the leader, providing advice and counsel when you can see what your leader cannot see, and yet you know your place under him, lest you be proud or snide.

At the end of the day, whatever you might choose, will still outweigh the choice of being neither. An ignorant person knows not what it is to learn from others. He thinks what he knows is adequate, and he shows his power over those he believes under him. He leads not with passion, or love, but with self-acclaimed power over others. He learns not willingly from those above him, but puts on an all-knowing facade while struggling within.

Let us not be the latter, but one who bears humility, learns from those who give nothing, and teaches those who takes everything.

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