Seoul 3 Days of Food: Chicken, Chicken, Bingsu, Ddeokgalbi and MORE Chicken!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

I cannot wait for the time that I live in Seoul, because other than it being the most happening place to be, it literally has almost everything in terms of leisure, activities and food. On top of that, travelling to different places in Seoul is a breeze, compared to Cheonan. Since I'll be going to Yonsei, there's another year worth of living in another city; Incheon.

However, Incheon is a city on its own, somewhat like Seoul, so I guess I should be fine there. However, a countryside-like town like Cheonan, where it's 30 minutes away from downtown, and an hour away from Seoul, makes going to different places a hassle, and not to mention costly. As such, being able to go to Seoul for the weekend sounds more to me like a mini getaway.

Anyway, it was great to be able to have met up friends from my country, and even better spend 3 whole days with them, walking around, eating, taking photos, and basically just catching up. The amount of unhealthy food recommended and consumed is horribly fattening but otherwise, satisfying to the soul. Just the first night there, we ordered Chicken for supper using this app called Yogiyo, that Sophia recommended.

Fried & Yangnyeom Chicken

When we were in Ihwa Mural Village, we chanced upon this restaurant after coming back down from Naksan Park, because the photos outside depicting the food looked absolutely delicious. As such, we went in and got a nice cosy table for 4, with dim lighting and classical music. We ordered the ddeokgalbi rice, because I said it was really good, and then also the prawn curry rice just for the variety.

It wasn't too costly, and had a nice flavor to it. In fact, it tasted a little toward the Japanese side. However, sometimes I'm just unable to differentiate between Korean and Japanese cuisine because they use such similar ingredients in their food. The food might be similar, but they just have different names.

After dinner, though hunger was satiated, the craving for ice cold sweet-toothed desserts was still unsatisfied, so off we went to find this recommendation from Cafe Bene. The rich, soft and moist brownies atop a bed of crushed chocolate flavored ice with cookie crumbs in the middle. Just blogging about it makes my mouth water D:

The following day, we headed to a Bennigans near the place we all stayed. Ever since the one in Cheonan's Shinsegae closed down, we have been really sad because our favorite Monster Cajun Chicken Salad was gone! Having another chance to eat it really perked up my day. Anyway, I realized something about the one in Cheonan and the one here in Seoul, the price was a big difference (7,000W~10,000W)

The restaurant, however, was much nicer than the one in Cheonan was. The interior looked like the 1980's and had a really cosy and dim setting, despite the sunny weather outside. As we were 4, and the 3 being girls, we decided to just order 3 mains for fear of being unable to finish. Since it was lunch time, the mains came along with a drink and a soup.

Out of 5 choices, we picked the strawberry, kiwi and orange ade

The bread and butter is the bomb, seriously. The bread is soft, and a little crisp on the outside. Not to mention it is served WARM, unlike many places. The butter is creamy, buttery and a little on the sweet side. When put on the bread, it creates an ultimate combination that tickles the tastebuds and provides a sensation so amazing that you just want to have more. Frigging amazing bread and butter!!!

Next up was our main courses, we ordered the Monster Cajun Chicken Salad, the Taco Chicken Salad, and the Mexican Seafood Rice. The entire total bill cost us around 64,000W for 4 people, and usually when me and the girl eats, it's usually 15,000W for the Monster Cajun Chicken Salad shared between us... so a little overpriced. (Or maybe it was underpriced in Cheonan)

Monster Cajun Chicken Salad

After mixing up the sauce together

Taco Chicken Salad

Mexican Seafood Rice

Even though we chose to order 3 so that we wouldn't have too much leftover, we couldn't finish everything and had like 3/4 of the Taco Chicken Salad packed to-go. Seriously, the amount I ate was more than ever and I felt like I was going to burst. However, the food was so good and I have been waiting for so long to eat it again.

After the first night of meeting Jennifer, who kept going on and on about Kyochon, we went to have it as our last dinner before parting ways. (Them going back to Singapore, and us, back to Cheonan) so we hunted high and low in Hongdae for this outlet. Finally, we found it, and apparently there were many foreigners who were using their phones and searching for it too. Apparently it's quite famous to tourists.

Well, I didn't even know about this place until I talked to Jenn, and it's one of Korea's representative chicken and even Lee Min Ho's the representative actor for this brand of chicken. I must say, even though I was a little skeptical because Jenn exaggerates a lot, but after eating this, it is true! From the honey series, we ordered the original, which consists of 1 entire chicken. The skin was crispy, crunchy and full of flavor, and underneath the chicken was well cooked and well marinated, no blood to be seen.

When you first pick a chicken out, you can see it's still dripping with honey and juice. The first bite is like a flavor burst into your mouth, filling the entire interior with honey. The next few bites just makes you want to keep eating more and more because the meat is tender, soft and juicy. I would really want to eat it again but Cheonan does not have Kyochon!

Look at that basket of glorious chicken

Juicy, tender goodness

I cannot get enough of the chicken

All in all, I ate a lot, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly having them and exploring different parts of Seoul that I've never been to. It's funny how, even though I'm a resident here for now, I don't know as much as people touring the area. But I still have another 4 years in Korea, 3 being in Seoul so I guess it's a lot of time to explore. 

Hope your mouth watered as much as mine did while reading this post.

Till next time!

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