Movie Date: Maze Runner

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Went to Cheonan Terminal to catch Maze Runner on one of the weekends we had nothing to do. Due to the recommendation of the Filipino Fotographer (haha) we took the time to go catch the movie. Took an early bus (in the afternoon) and then wanted to grab some light lunch before the movie so we can have some popcorn during.

Saw this food booth called Bobby Box, and it's actually a pretty cute/cool idea. There's many different types of combinations and flavors, including the meats and ingredients inside. The basic thing inside is the rice, then there's flavors such as curry chicken, teriyaki, ddeokgalbi and the likes..

You even have the choice to add kimchi, egg and such (at a price, of course)

Apart from the variety, the price is on the low side too. Ranging at around ~3,500W per box, depending on the ingredients and the type of meat you want, you'll be paying around that price, unless you add in a ton of extra sides. Though, this really promotes the exact opposite of saving the earth, considering you get your food in a discard-after-you-eat box and a plastic spork (spoon + fork).

Mine, fried chicken and an added egg

See the little pieces of crisps on top? Those taste like crunchy little bits of heaven D:

Also, in the neighboring booths, we saw this stir-fried noodle thing that we are going to eat the next time we come here to watch a movie. It looks pretty delicious and it's 8,000W for 2 people so I guess that's pretty cheap. Though I have to say, the ingredients are basically noodle and vegetables. But it sorta reminds me of the Chinese-type food we have in Singapore.


After which, it was movie time! So I got a bucket of popcorn, mixed garlic and caramel flavored. The gf doesn't eat that much of popcorn so I was a little bit more happy seeing that I really love popcorn, especially watching a movie! Anyway, on to the movie~

Overall, I really enjoyed the movie, well I enjoy almost all fiction books/movies that take me away to another world where I can forget about my studies, future and work and just be immersed in the situations, plots, feelings and dynamics of the movie. I really enjoy fiction/fantasy because it shows how much creativity the human mind possesses.

The movie made me want to read the books, but at the end of the day, I don't even have time to blog, let alone start a new series of books. Harry Potter was, by far, my favorite series and I still own a few copies of it back at home. So far, nothing has overtaken Harry Potter via the books, so if given the chance, I'll definitely read this one because it seems to hold a great deal of story that you won't see as "ordinary" or "common". Loved the plot twist and everything that went along... so if you haven't watched it, go catch it!

After the movie, went to walk around while waiting for the next bus back to school, found out they had some festival at the middle of the terminal. There was a new stall selling corndogs in different flavors and sauces. Not only that, they were doing korean pancakes for donations, so we donated 2,000W and just wanted one piece, but they ended up giving us 2, because apparently, it's 1 piece per 1,000W donation.

Been a long and tiring few weeks since I last posted, including examinations, studying and all the other things that life has been giving me. Finally have some time to let myself be focused, and blog again! ^_^

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