Seoul Day 1: Sophia & Weiting come to Korea!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

So, over the weekend me and the gf went to Seoul to meet up my Singaporean friends who had a short holiday to Taiwan and Korea. Spent the weekend with them and had such a good time (really could use that break from all the studying and being in Cheonan). Anyhow, I was really elated to finally be able to use Singlish again that the moment we met, the amount of Singlish that spouted from me was horribly unrecognizable. 

The moment we arrived, we had to drop our bags and head over to the Jamsil Gymnasium (Stadium) because they were going to watch their Super Junior concert. Compared to Singapore, the tickets here are 99,000W per person, which is a whopping 1/3 of the price in Singapore. Thus they decided to watch here, and the gf + Keila, who wanted to watch too, decided to tag along since I was helping Sophia buy the tickets.

If you're from another country and wish to buy tickets for concerts here in Korea, I'm sorry to tell you but that would probably be impossible. Even I, I had to use a korean computer in my dormitory in order to access it because the websites that're used to buy tickets don't work for any other computers. If you're willing to risk it, you can buy off another person but you might get cheated, the best way would be to have a friend in Korea, or someone you can trust to buy it for you.

Lalala~ On the way...

In front of the Olympic Stadium

Collecting tickets from the ticketbooth

So happy with their tickets

Since they were there watching their concert, I was free to do whatever I wanted till they were done and came back to the guesthouse. So... coincidentally! Somebody facebook-messaged me the previous night before and asked me if I was going to be in Seoul over the weekend (Friday/Saturday) and it just so happened that they went to watch the Super Junior concert..

THUS, I met Jennifer Ketheng! The first thing she said to me was "Omg, I finally remember how annoying your voice sounds." Truly, a well-earned title of a bitch hahaha. Went to grab some dinner, chicken and then afterwards coffee. Since we haven't met in like 6 years, I thought it might be a little bit awkward but indeed it wasn't.

Spent the night talking, gossiping and basically catching up about each other's lives and evidently, also other people's lives. Coincidentally, if you think your life is private on account that you're active on social media, think again.

Ketheng, ketheng, the life of a flight attendant truly is blissful.


The next day, we woke up to some sweet smelling aroma of a dish from Singapore: Bak Kut Teh! Hohoho, Sophia specially woke up early despite sleeping the night before at 3am to make some delicious (albeit instant) pork rib soup for us to eat, and to reminiscence about the food I cannot eat. The soup wasn't too salty, had a herbal taste and the pork ribs were so soft and tender! I told her, if she disliked her work she could quit and become a bak kut teh seller.

After which, we headed to Dongdaemun Design Plaza to walk around since they wanted to look at the new place that was constructed. Spent a bit of time walking around, taking photos, looking for specific foods to eat, and basically walking... walking.... walkingggggg.

Though, if you're looking to take some photos, the design plaza has some really sleek designs be it inside and outside, so it's a good place for a good background for shots. The places that I picked weren't very good because it was frigging sunny outside and the photos would get overexposed. 

Since I was with 3 girls, I expected the expected: Shopping. However, I had my camera with me, so I had no problems since I was happily snapping away most of the time and they actually had to wait for me. One thing I really like about Korea is that there are so many "sales" everywhere and things are cheap (as compared to Singapore). Socks are a mere 1,000W and have way more designs than in Singapore.

Not to mention all their cool concept design stores

After that, we headed over to try and go up Naksan Park to watch the sunset and take photos (more on that in another post on day 2) Essentially, we did a buttload of walking and by Sunday, my feet were killing me and I even ended up getting a blister on my left foot. But seriously, I had utmost fun playing with my camera, happily snapping away and learning all the different functions of a digital one, since the only one I've been using before was the non-digital single lens reflex camera.

Near Naksan Park was the Ihwa Mural Village, where they have many beautiful mural wall paintings around the village, and the town below-alike, many picturesque cafes, cosy looking and hipster. It seemed like the place where people went to watch locally produced theatricals because everywhere koreans were selling tickets to these shows.

In total, spent 3 days with them (2 and a half, seeing that Friday we came in the evening) but nevertheless it was a good way to be able to catch up and have a taste of Singapore once again. (also, for the gf, a feel of Singlish haha)

We also tried heading over to Namdaemun for their famous vegetable rice cake pancake but it was closed!! D: so we had to settle for the other one, which wasn't as nice, but somewhat close to what I can let them try since they can't try the best one.

Socks socks socks!

야채호떡 (yachae hoddeok)

Try this when you're in Namdaemun, Seoul. You'll know it because of their long queue!

Sleepy transit after a long day

To be continued....

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