Last day of the Thanksgiving holidays

Monday, 15 September 2014

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, this year, on the 7th of September, was Korean's Thanksgiving Day (추석) and this is the day where most Koreans go back to their hometowns to be with their families for certain thanksgiving rituals and ceremonies and basically just being with their families. They visit the husband's family and then the wife's. I'm not too sure whether it's because it falls on the weekend, but we had a really long break because of that.

Think about 1 week (9 days including weekends) worth of holidays after the Summer semester, coming back for 1 week of class, and then another 5 days (including weekend) of holiday. Since it was a long break, we took the time to go around the empty campus, go to Seoul, eat and most importantly, relax.

The final day of this long break had finally come to an end and the next day we start school again. As much as I was dreading this, it's good to get back to the books before I rest all my knowledge away. I spent some time playing with my new camera as well, so that's still great time spent. 

Horribly high amount of spiders everywhere

까초 - Taken from the names of 2 colors in Korean (까만색/초록색)

And, what better reckless thing to do than to take photos in the middle of the empty street within our school's campus? Waited for the sunset to start shooting to have nice warm colors. Sadly, the sunset went really fast and before we knew it, it was dark. Since it's during the Thanksgiving period, almost all the restaurants nearby were closed and we weren't able to find anything to eat.

Ended up heading to a fried chicken house that we went to before and didn't let us down. The place normally sells beer and then chicken as the "side". Anyway, ordered the usual fried and yangnyeom chicken, which took really long as per the last time though we have no idea why. This chicken, though really tasty and crispy, has an astoundingly little amount of chicken and is mostly skin. But, it's friggin' amazing skin.

Apart from that, we also took the time to prepare Korean Pancakes with enoki mushrooms again! (버섯전). We made Mushrooms in Bulgogi Sauce topped with Fried Tofu and Thai-style Spicy Chicken as well. As much as eating out is really convenient and all, I guess the fun experience really kicks in when you take almost an hour just to prepare a few dishes to eat.

Preparing the pancake mix

Frying the pancake (Kinda looks like prata, doesn't it?)

Crisp and light on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside

Mushrooms in Bulgogi Sauce topped with Fried Tofu

Thai-style Spicy Chicken

Dinner is served!

Look at that sexy awesomeness

If you're wondering where I got those plates and bowls from, here's the story: We ordered from a 24-hour Korean delivery place before and then these were used to deliver the food. After we ate, we expected the guy to call again so that we could return the utensils... Since we didn't know the Korean norm, I kept the stuff to see if the guy would call the next day. Ended up he didn't, so I washed it and now we're using it whenever we cook. (Better than paper plates and plastic ones)

[I kinda think he thinks we stole it, but I don't understand why he hasn't called. I guess I'll return when he calls again or when we decide to order again from that place]

Apart from our own home-cooked food, we also found time to get out and eat elsewhere. Went to Asan: The Galleria to have lunch at this Chinese Restaurant with a Buffet. The name of the place... is Chinese Restaurant. Got off our asses, dressed up, walked to the bus terminal and took a bus down.

The Galleria is like some high-end shopping mall where all the branded goods are at. Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, MXM and such are all there on the first floor. The next few levels showcase the less luxurious but still expensive brands like Levis, Adidas, Timberland and all. This mall sells almost everything, from clothing to musical instruments to bedding. We have to go up a total of 7 floors to reach the level that has restaurants.

Tadah! Chinese Restaurant

This is one of the cheaper buffets around 
  • Set A: Salad Bar + 1 Main Dish
  • Set B: Salad Bar + 1 Main Dish + 탕수육/깐풍기
  • Set C: Salad Bar + 1 Main Dish + Cuisine
 Whenever we go, we usually order the same thing, Set A x 1 and Set B x 1 because we just share the extra chicken. We never really ordered Set C because we didn't want to order anymore food since there's a all-you-can-eat salad bar. For the main dish, there're choices of fried rice, fried noodle, jjajjangmyeon, jjajjangbab etc.

Salad bar

These are what we're here for: Mandu!

And spring rolls!

Yummy fish mores soup

Salad the girlfriend made

This is what comes with Set B: 깐풍기 (kkanpunggi)

짜짱면 (jjajjangmyeon)

More playing with my new camera and with the nice sunset :D

Headed over to E-mart Traders to get nuts because the one we bought was finished. Apparently, the company that made those had made new packaging and were trying to sell off the old ones at a cheaper price. So since that was the case, we decided to stock up extra and bought 2 instead of 1. (Even though they're the 'older' ones, the expiry date is till next year) But no matter the date, we usually finish the entire box in 2 weeks. 

Of course, going there wasn't just about the buying of stuff. We had to take a few tries just to get the photo right so many people were staring. But... we're foreigners so I guess they probably won't judge us too much, or even if they did, we probably wouldn't even understand. ^_^



The lighting all around was just too nice to pass up the chance of great bokeh


Can't resist dumb photos either :D

Well, since I've invested in a camera, I guess it's time I start to learn about photoshop and lightroom too, so that I can make the most out of photography. It's just a hobby and I'm not looking to do it as a profession so I'm just going to take my time to learn and play around with it so that in future I can produce good photos too of my loved ones.

 Here's one I edited:
Ohmigod now I have 2!!!

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