Korean Government Scholarship Programme

Friday, 12 September 2014

So... some people have noticed and asked me throughout this 6 months that I've been here, my reasons for studying in Korea and how I managed to pay for all these incurred expenses living here whilst studying. Simply put; I don't pay a single cent (except those times that I want to fly back to Singapore to visit my family/friends), thanks to this scholarship that I have received, called the Korean Government Scholarship Program or KGSP for short. Here's some information on how you can go about applying!

The main reason that I am here, studying debt-free, having a truckload of opportunities to learn and experience another country's culture, is because of this Scholarship that I applied for while in Singapore. The good thing about this scholarship, is that it's widely unknown in Singapore. Brightsparks portal does not have this in its repertoire at all. How I managed to find out about this scholarship was through a friend who got the information from her high school when she was applying for scholarships.

I must say that this has and will be an amazing opportunity for me, and it also might be for you.

If you think you're eligible to get it, head on to my KGSP page to have a look at a more in-depth post about the how-tos and things to look out for when applying.

Just some notes ahead: The undergraduate applications has most probably started, so you might want to get a move on if you wish to apply. As for the graduate applications, it starts next year so make sure you're updated on the information as needed. 

I wish you the best of luck! ^_^

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