It's not about the money, money, money

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The phrase "Money makes the world go round" is so evident in the faces of many. Even though people tend to act non-superficially, it really shows in people's daily activities and lives. I mean, if you're fighting so hard to make ends meet, the thing you're craving the most for might be what you think is a comfortable home where your family can rest, but the underlying truth might just be the cold hard cash.

Of course, we all need to have money to survive, we need to have money to live, to buy the things we want, and to finally to provide the ones we love the comfortable and hopefully luxurious life that we dream to have. I have never met someone who'd rather be poor than rich. Yes there are people who are contented to be where they're at, but given the chance to be rich without the need to sacrifice everything else that they have now...? 9/10 would go for it, I'd bet.

Money might not be 100% to you in life, but money definitely would make your life so much better. Anything you'd want to eat, you can have. Maybe you'd even want to buy your mum that massage chair that she's always been eyeing when your family walks around the mall.. Or maybe help out a friend in need. To me, I don't see myself slogging it out day and night trying to earn as much as I can in the future, neither do I see myself putting myself out on the line everyday just because I don't have enough to make ends meet. But what I do see myself, is doing something that I enjoy, and maybe sometimes even struggling in it, but still pressing on.

If I could be rich, sure why not? But not at the cost of losing everything that I have now. If it means getting rich by sacrificing all the time that you have just focusing on work and nothing else, then that, to me, is not being rich. However, if I could be doing what I enjoy and be rich at the same time, who would want to give that up? I don't really see myself living in a huge mansion, with a big ass car equipped with a loud engine, or maybe a private jet. But what I do see myself living in, is a nice comfortable apartment, with a function-able and presentable car.

The world as I know (or from what I see from my country) is one where people are racing up the ladder to get to the top, where they think that money rolls in while they just sit behind a desk and make top-notch decisions for entire company. They are paid for their brains, not for their ground work, I agree, but not everyone has that sort of brains, some are just meant to be people working at the ground level. At the end of the day, I'd hate it if I was stuck at a dead end job, knowing I cannot climb any further, unable to leave because of the commitments and responsibilities that I have to uphold. 

"If you're in the rat race, it's only because you labelled yourself a rat and joined the race"

I don't need the wealth, I just need the joy I get from knowing that what I do every single day does not make the insides of my body hurl and the fact that I can make ends meet. I need to know that what I'm doing with my life is my choice, and what I want, rather than the decisions that I have to make as a result of my circumstances. True enough, not everyone has that same blessing, but wouldn't you make the best to be in one?

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