Saturday, 27 September 2014

You never know them till you actually experience the very worst of them.

How do you know a person thoroughly? See them at their worst state, and see how they react.

You never know how someone is like if you see the best of them. Humans tend to actually show their own true feelings when they're feeling the lousiest, the most hopeless, the crappiest and when they're at the very verge of themselves. You can't judge how you know a person just by looking at how they treat their friends, or how they treat those above them. But all you need to see, is how they treat those that are under them. No, humility doesn't come from respecting those above you, but it comes when you learn to even respect those who listen and look up to you.

If i remember correctly, the time where I was the angriest, was the time I always felt I was wrongly judged. I, who did not do anything. I, who was just innocently being there. I, got charged for something I didn't do, punished severely for something I wish I should've done.

Other than that, I deserved every punishment I got. I was naughty, impatient, ignorant, disruptive, prone to fights, but through it all, I'm really glad to say I'm blessed with such great teachers, fellow friends, and ultimately, my family.

But then again, there're times where I wish life wasn't just as simple as changing. Many decisions come with consequences and sometimes even consequences that stay with you all the way through life. How hard, to actually learn to treat people with respect, even though you know deep down, they don't like you at all, and that you suspect every move they make is one that is against you instead of for you.

Now it comes to the part where I struggle with. How difficult, to treat people whom treat you like dirt well. How tough, when you have to smile at those who spite you in the face. How incredibly irritating, to do things for those who just show you a look of disgust everytime they look at you. But when you've seen them at their worst, it's all but their own nature. However, even when they're at their worst, the motive under all that should be the one that we all look out for.

People might have the same motive, but different methods of carrying out their plans. Methods may hurt, but if the intention and the final outcome match, and it's all for good, maybe through methods it has made you stronger. Because whatever can't kill you, makes you stronger. I've always felt people who irritated me and made my blood boil were just hurdles put in front of me, to make me a better, more understanding, and easier person to get along with.

However, I realised my attitude towards them changed over time. I used to just leave it at that, and then just continue with what I do. Nowadays, I've become more, bitchy? So to speak? It probably is. I talk too much, and I sometimes must learn to keep my mouth shut, to just do as I was told, to learn how to be humble and obedient, rather than express and be reckless. Maturity doesn't come from being friendly with everyone and getting your way because you think you're right. Maturity comes from knowing your mistakes, learning from them despite the shame.

You know how people mock those who get embarrassed not by their own pride? In fact, they admire him, they applaud him deep down under, because only he had the courage to stand up, to look at all of them in the eye, and say, "I fell, but I've learnt."

Remember all those people whom you knew were obviously wrong but had the cheek to deny it as though everything was okay? Remember how you detested them? We have to learn how to not be like them, and in order to be a person that others enjoy being with, humility is the number one step to attaining that reputation. Nobody wants to be with a proud and boastful person.

Learn humility, it's the best quality anyone can ever have.

Then again, remember, humility isn't vulnerability

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