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Monday, 8 September 2014

Translated: 10 won house

It's been a little hectic lately, with the end of the previous Summer semester and the beginning of the new Autumn semester.  Tried some more new food in Cheonan so we can know more food. The restaurant we found below is simply gold. No wonder there were many people eating it and it's usually packed during lunch and dinner time.

This is their lunch menu, 6,000W per person.

The 2 kinds of lunch menu offered:
파 (spring onion) 불고기 백반
고추장 (red pepper paste) 불고기 백반

The amazing thing about this place: Unlimited eggs! (Gotta fry them yourself)

Side dishes (반찬): Radish, Kimchi, Soup, Fish Cake/Bean Sprouts, Seaweed, Lettuce

The 2 sauces you see beside the rice is so tasty

We ordered the 파불고기 백반 (spring onion)

The sauce compliments the meat so well!

Like any other meat, you take the meat + sauce, other side dishes in lettuce and you eat!

Crispy fish flour with cream inside

Another place that we see a lot in Cheonan Terminal but never tried: finally able to tick it off. This has been around for quite a while, I think. Liquid Nitrogen-made ice-cream. It starts off in the form of cream, and then they mix it together with liquid nitrogen via a mixer till it turns into a form that is the best for ice-cream, not too hard and not too soft. Nobody likes to eat ice-cream that's all melty nor ice-cream that's just been taken out of the freezer (well, people are different).

Well, we ordered the Tiramisu flavor since there was a syringe of chocolate inside and it was what everyone else was eating so...

The mixer


The syringe with chocolate ^_^

Where they take the liquid nitrogen from

I was taking photos so they turned on this thing where they released all the gas.

Looks like we're on the clouds

Apart from the food that we normally eat, I had a major craving for popeyes ever since finding out that there was one so near! My top 2 favourite fast foods back in Singapore are Carl's Junior and Popeyes. Seriously, can't go wrong whenever we're out and someone asks where to eat. However... bad news awaited me.

Being different from Singapore, I couldn't order my usual 3 piece thigh (add $1 to change all to thigh) with cajun fries, biscuit and drink because there were no 3 piece meals, and you can't add $ to change what you get. The biscuit had to be ordered separately too because their side dish consists of EITHER fries or biscuit. Well, being smart, the biscuit was cheaper so took fries and ordered another side of biscuit.

Wicked Strips Chicken

The good thing: 4 kinds of sauces, but I got the Garlic one

After shopping: Chocolate Bing Su from Cafe Bene

Look at that delicious and sinful treat: Chocolate flavoured ice, layered with oreo cookie crumbs, topped with a creamy yoghurt ice-cream and soft, thick and rich brownie cubes.

Also had the chance to walk around at ABC Mart at MODA Outlet where they always had their sales and got this for a steal at 39,000W!! It's usual price was 89,000W which is 10,000W cheaper than the usual 574s which I really wonder why because this one's made of leather! Lasts longer too (I hope)

Such a friggin sexy white color

Am totally gonna replace my Jack Purcells (White, Leather) with this.

I remember when I was here and always bought food from the convenience shop downstairs (mostly instant food) and one of our graduate senior students brought us all to this place where she called, and I quote: Cheap and good food that's near. It was around a 10-15 minute walk and it's sorta like a fast food. But I was so happy for anything that didn't require a microwave oven and costing 5,000W for a complete meal. This place, is Hansot.

After 6 months, I now have a "favourite" from Hansot - Something like Katsudon?

2nd time having the caramel coffee snow ice.

During our first time eating it, the granola they gave was too little (as compared to picture)

New store called FootMart opened at Cheonan Terminal

I kinda don't understand why they did that, especially when it looks like a more expensive shop due to its concept in the shop and the furniture that they have. There's 2 big chain shops nearby, one being right next to it that always have 20%-50% off, 70% during big sales timings. Aren't they afraid of competition?

I've been playing with this app called VSCO Cam recently too and the functions that they have are pretty cool, I have to say. All the filters that are used. No wonder so many of my friends have vscocam hashtagged on their photos.

Student Center Cafeteria Food - 양념오무라이스 (Yangnyeom Omu Rice)

On the way to Seoul (for the food hunt)


Omelette Salad (Omelette, Baby Spinach, Purple Cabbage, Lettuce)

Cup Chicken in Ewha

Lunchbox (Omelette Salad, Lettuce, Korean Pancake, Thai Style Chicken)

Might I mention over this weekend, it's the Korean Thanksgiving day (추석). It's today (Sunday) and usually people take leave 1-2 days before, and 1-2 days after so that they have enough time to travel back to their own hometowns to be with their family. Went to Seoul on Saturday (one day before Thanksgiving) and City Hall and Namdaemun Market were soooooo empty. A lot of shops were closed and there were so little people walking around. 

Interesting fact: During the 1st 2 days before Thanksgiving, all buses/trains going southbound will be fully booked and after Thanksgiving, all buses/trains going northbound will be fully booked. Since we're in Cheonan, going towards Seoul is northward first then southward, and thus it's the opposite direction, meaning we'd have a lot of tickets. 

I am very much into film photography and I really love taking photos, however in Korea it doesn't really support film photography I think.. Haven't been able to find a shop that sells film, let alone develop film (that I do not need to travel too far to get) so I decided to invest in one. Well, it's a gift from my parents so they decided to invest in one for me :P

Meet Lee Seora (이서라)

Kiyo was nice enough to bring me all the way to Namdaemun market to get my camera since he got his there and it was cheaper than any other places. (The one at Shinsegae in Cheonan was 100 bucks more expensive, realized after buying). After which, we headed to Ewha where he had to leave soon after and I went around to shop.

There's this place in Ewha that is called Popo Tree that serves the best Ddeokgalbi Rice (떡갈비 덮밥). It's basically a pork-rice rib with rice, served with some beansprouts, salad, mashed potato and purple rice. It's soooo good! And only at a price of 6,500W.

After we got back, the next day we went to catch Step Up: All In. Although I heard a lot of different reviews about this movie and many said there was much more drama in it as compared to its previous counterparts, I still think that this was the best out of all the 5. The dancing was magnificent and the drama worked in well together with the storyline. The big problem that I have with the movie is that the photo of the girl in the posters (below) is super photoshopped because when you watch the movie, you'll realize that that tummy and legs are soooo not true. 

Anyway, I liked how the movie incorporated the people from the 4th movie together with the ones from 1-3. It makes it even more exciting, fun and memorable to people who have been watching every single movie since the beginning. 4/5 stars for this movie! I watched Lucy too, and even though it was a good movie, I had some different expectations since there was so much action within the trailer and the ending for me, wasn't that fitting, though in the storyline it fit.

Fake fake fake!

After which, we went back to the place we ate last time (First one that I talked about in this post) to eat the Red Pepper Paste flavor 고추장 불고기 백반 instead of the one we had before, Spring Onion 파 불고기 백반. Anyhow, I wanted to play with my newly bought camera too, so went there to eat and walk around after the movie.

The side dishes were the same, except this time they changed the Bean Sprouts to Fish Cake

Meat, Fishcake, Egg, Seaweed wrapped in Lettuce - Mouth watering combination.

I love this outfit :D

Hair looks so nice in the sun!

My Egyptian friend, Nour

Brazilian, Nicole and the creep from behind, Sabbayal.

여보, 이쁘네~

I'll write till here. See you next time!
여기까지 쓸게요. 다음에 봐요.

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