Fuerco Steak at Cheonan Terminal

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

On Friday, after class, went to Cheonan Terminal to have lunch and then do some grocery shopping before our weekend of fun. Found this cosy little homey restaurant on the 2nd floor called Fuerco Steak. They had a nice poster outside that showed nice steak and it said free dessert! (무료 후식) so who could resist that...?

The seating areas were irresistibly cute. They had little boothed sections where the chairs/sofas had a nice princess-esque feeling to it. There were curtains which you can draw so you can have a little privacy. (However, considering how loud people were talking, there wasn't much privacy) 

Soft sofa chairs to dine in

Floor seating; You have to remove your shoes

We didn't know whether these were free... so we didn't take

The array of cakes they had (2,000W per piece)

This is what they gave you after you ordered (to pick your desserts after meal)

The lovely decoration

Fuerco Garlic Steak (8,900W)

Fuerco Steak (7,900W)

So, from the pictures, you might think it's another 1,000W for the extra sauteed garlic on top of the otherwise original steak. However the garlic blended well with the sauce and gave a hoppy tinge to every bite you took. The original one though, was tender and soft but the taste was a little toward the normal side. I'd opt for the garlic one again. 

For its price, it's a pretty worthy dish. An egg, side salad, a generous chunk of beef steak slices done medium to medium-well, with a small ball of rice by the side. You may not think it's a lot but I was rather full after I finished it. 

After which, we picked our dessert: apart from all the drinks such as coffee, tea, juice, milk etc, the only things we wanted were either cake or ice-cream and since they didn't have cake we took ice-cream!

We picked Strawberry x 1, Chocolate x 1 Ice-cream; came with fudge and toppings

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