5 Things to Appreciate your Mothers for

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I believe we've all had the chance of experiencing one, whether first-hand or not. We've always been told how a mother's love overrides all, and how through that love, a mother found the adrenaline to lift a car to save her baby. Being a mother, by definition basically means that they have given birth to a child. However, responsibilities that are thrust upon a mother are defined socially.

What has to be done, what things to buy, how to raise... These things are taught by their own parents and whatever they learn from books. There is no "proper" way to bring up a child, neither is there a "proper" set of rules of what a mother must do in order to be a mother. At the end of the day, we have to be thankful for the way we've been brought up, because true enough, they have no obligations.

1. They've no obligations to conceive us.
Imagine carrying a 6 pound baby with you literally everywhere you go. Even when you need to go to the toilet. On top of all that carrying, having to eat extra to feed the baby, with all that extra uncomfortableness that is added on with that extra weight; eg. weight gain, bladder control, back aches.

In this new day and age, more and more people are wanting to not have kids, to live merely with their spouse and then end off the family name when they depart. Just like that, the opportunity to live has been lost. Couple that with those unplanned pregnancies that end up in abortion. Just think about it, if you were unfortunate enough to have been aborted or prevented, you wouldn't have the chance to live and experience all this.

Your mother is willing to carry you and give birth to you.

2. They've no obligations to provide for us.
You have probably heard all the horror stories of incorrigible mothers who don't feed their children well, or leave them to fend for themselves while still living the life outside. True enough, many people think that having children are a burden in this society where people are getting educated, and finally working. Many do not want the stress and responsibility of looking after a child during their free time after a long and hard day at work.

Technically speaking, they wouldn't need to provide for us. In some countries, by the age of 18 or even 16, children are told to leave their parents' place and be independent, working while studying and learning how to pay off their debts and live within their means. I mean, another year of them looking after you means another year of expenses and costs for another mouth to feed, more clothes and electricity, water, etc.

Your mother is willing to look after you, feed you and care for you.

3. They've no obligations to tolerate us.
Remember all the times you shouted at your mum for asking you to eat your dinner. All the times you came home after a bad day and showed a horrible attitude to your mum when she asked you how your day went. How the one that bore you, carried you and nurtured you was shunned away when she tried you kiss you goodbye when you first went to school but you were too embarrassed to let others see.

A mothers heart holds no grudge, and remembers no fault, because in their eyes we are eternally their baby. She may get angry at you, be sad because of you, or get hurt by you, but at the end of the day, she's still your mother and she forgives you.

Your mother is willing to forgive you, tolerate you, and love you.

4. They've no obligations to disciple us.
Mothers scold, chide and punish us whenever we do wrong things, but one thing I've realized when I'm older, is that it hurts to deal punishment, especially to a small, innocent looking thing that you've cradled in your arms for so many years. It doesn't pleasure them to dish out punishments or scold you whenever you make a mistake.

They make the extra effort and bear the pain all to make sure you turn out into a better person in future. Every single time they experience anger or feel the rage against you, it takes off a few minutes of their life. Ultimately, they only wish for you to be the person who they couldn't be. All those times when you're sitting by yourself, wondering why your mother hates you or doesn't love you, when you grow older you'll realize those aren't all true.

Your mother is willing to disciple and mold you.

5. They've no obligations to deal with us.
Times where you failed your exams, times where you committed (or thought you did) a crime and came running home, and times where you make a mistake and bring home the baggage that comes with it. Your mother sits down and listens to your entire story, and stands beside you. All the problems you go through, be it bullying, relationships or even simple things you're confused at.

When you cry, your mother's heart breaks. A mother feels the pain the most when she feels helpless and unable to help you in your time of need. Nevertheless, she tries her hardest to help you, to make the misery you're going through lessened, and if need be, bear it with you to loosen the burden.

Your mother carries you till the day she departs.

After what they've done,

We're obligated to love them.
We're obligated to treat them well.
We're obligated to look after them.
We're obligated to learn from them.

But, we shout back at them.
But, we mistreat them.
But, we ignore their advice.
But, we disobey them.

Remember the times you hugged your mum and felt like there was no place safer than in her arms? Remember it again today. Hug your mum, and tell her you love her, because her love could very well almost be close to perfect love, even if it is flawed sometimes.

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