Seoul: Food Hunt!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

As mentioned previously, we're going to Seoul for a food-hunt! (And also to get her a new phone) so off we go! Woke up early (considering it's the holidays), had breakfast and then headed out so it'd be just right for lunch. The one good thing about being a student here is that bus tickets are cheaper for university students because of a discount: 3,800W instead of 5,400W (Applicable only to weekdays)

Arrived at the bus terminal around 12pm, which is to say, the hottest time of the day. Yet, I could be so smart to choose that as the time to walk around with a 75% certainty that where I am walking to would lead to my first destination: Brooklyn, The Burger Joint, seemingly acclaimed "best burger in Seoul". So this place is a little off Banpo, in a place near Seorae Village which is the "French Village"

Look at that huge Starbucks

Making our way in the sweltering heat

Something like the helix bridge in Singapore lol

Chanced upon a few nice little cafes within the housing area

Friggin nice and expensive looking apartment block 
Couldn't resist some photo-taking with my model :D

Though this place has a lot of modern themed places, some vintage things could still be found

The thing about this place, is that it's in the heart of housing areas, so you need some walking to find it. We missed an exit and walked through the National Library of Seoul. Ended up walking a bigger round all the way down. You can use google maps to find the address that I'll provide later on, and walk via that way, or else it's gonna be really difficult to find it just based on walking and looking around.

Some things to take note about this place is that it's really small. It seats around like 15 people max? So you're gonna have to queue up and wait if you're going during the lunch/dinner peak timings. If you want to do take-out it's pretty fast too and you don't have to wait... But unless you have somewhere to eat, I'd suggest just waiting for a seat. When we went there, we were say, 3rd on the queue list? Waited a total of around 15 minutes.

1. Brooklyn, The Burger Joint

Address: Seocho-gu, Banpo-dong 551-32 (서초구 반포동 551-32), Seoul, Korea
Telephone: 02-533-7180
Opening hours: 11:30 - 21:30 (Closed on Mondays) 
Price range: 10,000W-20,000W (per person)

Simple, small shop with kick-ass food


Their menu: In case you want to know what they have

Since we were on a food-hunt and didn't want to eat too much, we just went with the things that they're widely known for? For burger, we got the Brooklyn Works, Chili Fries and a Nutella with Burnt Marshmallow Milkshake.

Anticipating food D:

Cosy & sweet decorations

"Where's my burger? :("


Look at that beautifully charred marshmallows, a little crisp on the outside, and soft, creamy and buttery on the inside. The milkshake was thick, super creamy and the nutella taste was just heavenly.

Next up: CHILI FRIES - 10,500W

The fries were fat and had a lot of flavor. However, I'm a thin fries person, which is why I find that McDonald's fries trumps all. Anyway, the cheese melted on top was smooth and creamy. Alongside that was some kick-ass beef chili that totally compliments the fries. After eating this, I really realize how badly I miss the Beef Chili Fries in Carl's Junior back in Singapore

Finally: BROOKLYN WORKS - 9,500W

What else can I say? Been craving for a burger in so long that any burger could taste nice. This one had really juicy, tender and succulent beef patty. Coupled with the usual bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese... It's every American's dream. (There're also pickles but took it out since we disliked them)

  The taste was divine, but I still can't say that it's the best in Seoul, maybe the best so far

After which, we headed to Yongsan's I-PARK mall to get a new phone, since her old one was acting up. Managed to get the phone that she wanted initially at a cheap price. Apparently, according to the guy, even though it used to cost like $700, the price has since dropped to $300 because people don't really buy it, and stocks have been piling up. To which we were like what? Since it only came out like a few months ago. But anyhow, everything's fine now and she's happy with her phone.

However, we took really really long to get it done because there were some technical issues with the SIM card and all, and at the end of the day, to cut the long story short, we had to treat some guy drinks because he helped us call the service center and ended up making a new SIM card for the phone. Seriously, I don't understand why SIM cards can't be just simple SIM cards, whereby if you put it into a phone, it'll work, but there has to be weird stuff like carrier settings and whether certain carriers can work with certain phones? Pfft.

After we were done, there wasn't much time left, so the Hongdae Dog Cafe and Edae Street Food had to be postponed to another time, but we headed down to Sinsa for Mexican food. So... when we were in Sinsa the previous time around, we saw this place and she mentioned that she wanted to eat here, but we were looking for a place with amazing eggs benedict so we didn't eat here. Funny how we were brought back here again.

On a side note, it was pouring cats and dogs when we arrived in Sinsa and had to buy raincoats from the GS25, brisk walk all the way to this location and finally settle down with soaking wet shoes and bottom half of my pants. But anyhow, ON TO THE FOOD!

2. Taco Chili Chili

Address: 535-9 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul South Korea
Telephone: 02-797-7219
Opening hours: 11:00 - 22:00
Price range: 7,000W - 15,000W (per person)

The restaurant is among the hundreds of restaurants, side by side, finding it would be a little tough, but you can use google maps and just key in the address and begin walking. I do hope that it doesn't rain as heavily for you as it did for me.

Here's the menu in case you're wondering what they have

Same as the burger place, we didn't want to be too full, so we got a few of the things that we might like and had good ratings with food bloggers all around. We ordered the Chips & Salsa (normal for any place that wants to call themselves Mexican to serve good ones), Beef Hard Shell Taco, and Chef's Special Burrito (Large). The good thing about this place is that if you're not a big eater, you can order the smaller version of burritos and fajitas.

The decorations are very traditional and simple

There's a self-bar of sodas at 2,500W (free refill)

First up: CHIPS & SALSA (With Nachos Cheese) - 5,500W

The chips were nicely fried, not too oily and were really crispy and flaky. The salsa sauce was not too salty nor spicy and had a good amount of ingredients. Had a really nice aftertaste too. The cheese was creamy and thick. Not too bad, but a little over-priced for chips, salsa and cheese if you ask me.

Next up: BEEF HARD SHELL TACO - 3,500W (each)

The taco shell was really nice. It was light and you can taste that the ingredients they used were fresh and were good. The beef was savoury and the pico di gallo, cheese and lettuce really complimented the meat well. All in all, I really enjoyed this. Add some tobasco sauce and you're set.


Apart from the usual chicken or beef burrito, we decided to get the chef's special burrito, because of the array of ingredients inside and well, since it's the chef's special. There's a mixture of beef, chicken and shrimp, together with the usual mexican vegetables and rice. The mix was amazing! It really went well together and I liked the rice.

To end off the night, we went to eat something that we've seen so many times but never tried: GODIVA DOUBLE BELGIAN DARK CHOCOLATE SOFT SERVE

Seriously... Just look at it, it looks so creamy, sweet and heavenly. It's truly the nectar of the gods. The waffle was light and crisp, and lined with crispy nuts or something. So frigging nice for a measly sum of 5,900W, as compared to many other over-priced things in this world, this is something that shouldn't be just looked at. Eat it, and realize that it's the one thing that you have been missing during all those hot summer days.

That's the end of the food-hunt that I went for in Seoul, but nevertheless it was fun. Going to Seoul is counted as an expensive (sorta) trip for me because of the to-and-fro bus trips, the amount of time needed to travel there and back, going to many different places within Seoul itself. Considering the fact that I live in another city for now, going to Seoul would be for certain purposes so leisure is probably one of the lesser reasons I'd be spending my money there for. Ultimately, this one was fruitful since we got a new phone, and managed to try some food that would have otherwise slipped from my grasps. 

Till next time~

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