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Friday, 1 August 2014

Experienced taking the bus today in Cheonan, and we found out it's a whopping 1,150W per ride, no matter how many stops you take and where you get off. It's almost double the price of the shuttle bus that we take to school, plus it's more expensive than the subway that's frequently used... But I guess since it's Cheonan and most places to go to either are by car or bus, that's the way things go

This is such a long overdue post from June but hahaha I've only found time (or rather, remembered to update this space) to do it now. So we sort of had a graduation ceremony in June after the Spring Semester ended. As usual, there's a lot of walking, exploring and of course, eating!

Gym :D

A day before the graduation ceremony we had sort of like a games day where we played traditional korean games like yutnoli (윷놀이) and other things like jumping rope another game where we had to throw sticks into thin long vases.

After which, we went for this gochujang pork again hehe.

This time they had pancakes as side dishes! :D

Our teachers sang us a Korean song :D

박 선생님

류 선생님

We had this sort of a "farewell" thing in the class after the graduation ceremony and everyone got up to present a little something except for Albert who decided he was too shy, but in the end he got up and danced anyway hahaha. Unleash the beast and it will release it's potential.

김 선생님

All the guys! 남자들


Met QuanXuan in Seoul and went for a Brazilian Meat Buffet

This soda here is AMAZING. But at its price it's pretty unaffordable to drink more than 2.

Look at that amazing beef D:

The warm roasted pineapples they serve after is simply amazing...
It's roasted over fire and then covered with cinnamon sugar, need I say more?


Found the time to meet Wenting and Melvin also the next day. We went to Sinsa and went to eat at this nice little quaint cafe called Bloom and Goute. It served pretty nice breakfast (but seemed like lunch) food and they had a flower/dessert delivery service too. It was a pretty cool concept and the design of the place was pretty nice too.

Wenting's Panini

Melvin's Lasagne

My pumpkin & mushroom baked rice

This tiramisu is simply amazing. The froth is SO light and SO creamy D:


Free ice-cream giveaway where you needed to just pick out a ball and hope it says Ice-cream

Hahaha, really won ice-cream, considering the fact that the previous 2 customers only got free samples

Saw this pretty shop at the Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Mall (고속버스 터미널)

Pimon's mum also came to stay in Korea for a few days and she was bringing her mum around to look around at other stuff. We tried this restaurant where we had never tried before and we got the spicy chicken rib (make chicken rib pungent sause) hahaha.

Look at that spicy looking thing

After adding noodles


All the certificates received together with a paper with everyone's well wishes

Proud of my results for the first semester! :D

Then over the holidays we had a Game of Thrones S4 marathon.. We promised each other we wouldn't watch and then we'd all watch it together overnight after the exams fully ended. And that is what we did. Below is the amount of snacks we bought for the entire 10 hour ordeal for 3 people.

Ate this chicken that day with Kiyo.. Fried Chicken, Cheese and Whipped Cream! D:

I tried the McSpicy Shanghai Burger... Can't compare to McSpicy in Singapore :(

The place I stayed with Kiyo for the few days in Seoul

His godfather's car... omg SO cute, and so vintage hahaha.

Took time to head to Yonsei University too to have a look at my future school. Other than the construction sites in the front, the rest of the school was beautiful and it had a very nice touch of ancestry and history to it.


After which we headed to this place near Ewha Women's University. If you're ever in the vicinity, go and eat this because it's simply awesome! It serves this thing called 떡갈비덮밥 which is ddeokgalbi on top of rice. It's something that is like food dropped from the heavens and it's so much cheaper than other food that you find in restaurants. It's called Popo Tree.

Look at that magnificent awesomeness. 6,500 Won. 


That's all for now... Till I blog again~ :D 

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