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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Tried different Chicken houses (치킨집)

It's almost my 6th month here in Korea.. Can you imagine that? 5 years total here and 6 months has already passed. Before I know it, I'll be going back to Singapore :( But within this 6 months, it's been an amazing time, experiencing new things, exploring around and ultimately it's all about doing something new apart from your mundane right?

It's mostly going to be all about food because that's all I've been doing lately.. There's nothing much to see here in Cheonan and if you ever come here I sincerely hope it's because you're visiting or there's a festival here because other than that, there's not much things to do here.

Experimenting making my own chicken too haha

Home cooked food!

This is the latest food that I really enjoy and is cheap: 떡볶이랑 순대 반 반! Half ddeokbokki and sundae

Blueberry Cheese Sulbing (블루베리 치즈 설빙)

 There was this day where we both craved for soupy food because it was raining and the place was wet and humid. Wanted some nice hot soup and I kept dreaming of this ramen that's located in Singapore (Somerset, Cuppage Plaza) that is the bomb and wanted to get it at this Japanese Restaurant where their tonkatsu (동까스) and katsudon (까스동) was nice so we braved the rain under an umbrella for a good 20-30 minutes walking there and ended up the ramen was baaaaaaaad.

Do not judge a book by its beautiful cover.

Foggy foggy day

This was amazingly tasty: Spam, Mushrooms (Shittake, Enoki, Korean) and Fried Tofu

So there's this huge 4-storied Lotte Mart that we always pass by in the bus towards Cheonan Terminal (천안 터미널) so one day we decided to go check it out, and there's 2 nice-looking buffet places near there. There's a lot of cheap stuff on G-market so we decided to follow Korean's cliche social norms: Couple Tees! 어때?

Look at that huge Lotte Mart

  4 floors!

Huge entrance, Lotteria, Baskin Robbins and other brands of food around

There's even a kid's cafe with playgrounds

So then we decided to eat at the food court because the food looked so delicious through the glass panels of exampled food. So we decided to order this set with 4 different type of dishes for 2 people. Apparently, the first one is Kimchi Fried Rice, Omu Rice, Hamburger Steak and Pork Cutlet, Baked Spaghetti Pasta: So what's one thing in common in each dish? TOMATO SAUCE. It was horrible.. Every dish had the tomato sauce taste, so it totally spoiled the flavors of each dish because that's all you taste in each dish! -_-'

We tried the Italian buffet that they had on the 3rd floor on another day called Elena Garden. On weekdays it's 10,900won and weekends/holidays it's 13,900won. What really attracted me about this place was that they have a fondue fountain!! And I was craving for nice chocolate.

Ambience is pretty nice, rustic feel.

Soba station!

Creme Brulee! But seriously, don't taste as nice as it looks.


Our 1st round: It's a lot of carbohydrates so you feel fuller faster

Round 2: Picking out only what you like

Tried this bibimbap where it's 30% rice, 50% egg, 10% gochu & 10% kimchi

Preparing to make fondue!

Look at all that glorious fattening goodness

Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, Cookies & Marshmellow/Fruits in Chocolate Fudge

Me attempting an artistic shot :D

So many nice cafes along the way

Over the previous weekend, went to get some Bingsu fix so got the mango cheese snow ice (망고 치즈 설빙) again. That was after having some Army Stew. A little background about the Army Stew, budaejjigae (부대찌개) this is a really basic dish/stew that people used to make in the past when they were in the army. It consisted of very simple things like rameon noodles, radish, tofu, spam, hotdogs, cheese, gochujang (고추장)/pepper sauce, ddeok(떡)/rice cakes), vegetables. It's supposed to provide energy and sustenance to the consumer.

We're not in old times, so the food's better haha

Mango Cheese Bingsu!

Look at those awesome, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth flakes D:

Spokesperson for the Digestive Biscuit

PS: The cherry tomatoes here are way better than the ones in Singapore, they're juicier, sweeter and has a better flavor than the bitter ones that I've eaten in Singapore -> John Tay, this one's for you haha.

After our exams ended, we went to this Steak & Salad Buffet Restaurant called With Spoon (위드스푸느)  that I've wanted to try for quite a while now. It's around a 10-minute walk from the giant Lotte Mart. The timings for lunch are a little short, so it's pretty impossible to go on other days after classes because we end at 13:30 and by the time we take the bus and arrive, we'd have just under 30 minutes to finish our food. Bad for indigestion, I'd say. So we took that opportunity to celebrate and eat after our examinations.

Lunch Time: 11:30 - 15:00    (12,900Won)
Dinner Time: 17:30 - 22:00   (19,900Won) *Applicable to weekends and holidays too.

Address: 서북구 동서대로 85331-958 천안, South Korea
서북구 동서대로 85
331-958 Cheonan
South Korea
서북구 동서대로 85
331-958 Cheonan
South Koreaa
서북구 동서대로 85
331-958 Cheonan
South Korea

 You can call them at 041 (Cheonan) - 552-9652

Interior looks cosy and sophisticated

Salad Bar


They have an amazing array of desserts.

Round 1: BEGIN!

The salad Pim-on made.

From top left downwards: Pim-on, Me, Old Man Kiyo, Albert, 3,000won-eater-Keila, May

Crudites, cakes, rolls, cookies

The cream puff and the lemon meringue tart/cake is superb

Chocolate Belgian Waffles that're sold in convenience stores

They don't taste as nice as the ones from Starbucks, but for it's price it's a steal - 3,000Won for 3.

After the final day of classes (well not technically a class, but a final day) we had a time of going through our examination scripts and then telling each other our heart-felt words about the glass and having been together for 2 months, our well-wishes for one another for the next semester ahead.

After which we had a 2 hour movie session where we watched this movie in Korean called "스파이" or Spy, where it's a story of this husband who worked as a spy and his wife didn't know. It was quite a funny story and it took place in Thailand, and it was like a comedy/romance movie. Go take a look if you're interested. It's in Korean though!

Popcorn that they gave us to eat while watching ^_^

My Intermediate 2 class!

Till next time ^_^

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