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Monday, 11 August 2014

So as I mentioned in the previous post, we had a little cook-out of our own, each making a food from their own country. I forgot to take some photos as I was busy eating (Hahaha, as always) and taking from the fact that we're all amateur cooks, the food were all pretty delicious! Photos below.

  • Me - Chilli Fried Rice, Sambal Grilled Chicken
  • Pimon & Naro - Stir Fried Vegetables in Oyster Sauce
  • Albert - Grilled Eggplant with Cheese
  • Kiyo - Fried Rice & Sweetened Spam
  • Saulo  - Vegetables & Chicken Stew
Stir Fried Vegetables

Grilled Eggplant & Cheese

Chilli Fried Rice & Sambal Grilled Chicken

Sweetened Spam

More Stir Fried Vegetables

The finished product of fried rice with sweetened spam

Here we all are, happily eating

You might think that sweetened spam is a weird combination with fried rice, but it turned out really nicely. The sugar charred on the sides of the spam bits and had a nice crisp texture with a sweet flavor to it. Put it together with some cheese and rice, and you've got yourself a fattening treat!

Took a walk again near our school (since it's been long since we've done that and we've gained some weight) so thought we'd go take a stroll and explore a little bit more of the little bitsof the school vicinity that we have not seen. Look at those big plants on what used to be a visible pond/lake. Probably lily plants.

What an amazing view

We also celebrated Kiyo and Amada's Birthday recently (well, last month) and this is our entire class for the 1st book of Intermediate Korean. (I'm not inside, because I'm taking the photo D:)

If you've read about this thing that I've mentioned called Cup Bingsu, THIS IS IT! Look at that awesomeness, with generous toppings and ingredients. It's only 3,500 won! Compared to the prices in dessert houses, this is pretty much a steal.

Cooking with leftover ingredients

More stir fried vegetables and bulgogi pork

Top it with some seaweed, floss and shallots...

I bought a crappy looking pencil box from Daiso for 1,000 won and Kiyo beautified it!

Whilst studying, we got a little bit hungry and tried ordering chicken for the first time. It was pretty fun, and also the chicken was amazing. But recently we found out that the chicken house is just nearby the school and if you dine in there, the lady gives extra service (free fries) and also gives a larger portion of chicken. But for delivery, you get to eat in the comfort of your own dormitory plus you don't have to move around. (Same price too, take that Singapore ha!)

Yang Nyom (양념) and Fried (후라이드) Chicken (치킨)

I instagrammed this awhile back, it's cheese ramen and it's amazing. (For only 1,000won!)

Look at that sexy wonderfulness that went into my belly :D

After we finished the first book, we all went to Lotte World together. It's one of the 2 theme park that Seoul/Korea has and Lotte World is more of the one that's for kids. It's the rainy season now (Don't come between July 20th - August 10th) so Everland was out of question because all the rides were outdoors. The ones that we took indoors because of the rain were really boring and were for kids.

KGSP 2014 (And some other students)

Indoor Theme Park

Trick Eye (mini) Museum

The rain kept stopping and coming and stopping and coming...

So I was just showing her how to look slim in photos...

There was this ride, where we queued for almost 1 and a half hours for, that we sit in a makeshift hot air balloon and it circles the entire indoor theme park, so we're able to see everything from a bird's eye view.

Chocolate Churros (Not nice D:)

So anyway, after that I got back my test results. The scores that I have no longer are counted "good" because people are getting full marks and even complaining when they are 1 point away from the perfect 100. How am I supposed to compare with them? Hahaha. But I'm just glad that I'm passing and getting A's, because there's no competition here so it's fine even if I don't get higher than them :\

We also took TOPIK a few days before our exams and it was a complete nightmare. I found myself not understanding every single thing that I was reading and just absentmindedly making my choices (since it's multiple choice) and hoping for the best. However I made the utmost effort to try and read everything and select the answer that seemed most possible. I was actually aiming to pass at least a TOPIK 3 even if it's by chance.

Then one month later, I got my results back... 


Argh, so annoyed. TOPIK stands for the Test of Proficiency in Korean. We are required, by the scholarship, to attain at least a level 3. My school really grinds us to get it so we have things like self-study after class, which I really thing is ridiculous because it's an ultimate time waster and it's not at all productive. It's not as thought I don't do my own studying... And if we were to get TOPIK 3, they'd get off our backs since we've met the minimum passing grade.

Though by virtue of the extra 100,000 won that we get per month if we hit TOPIK 5 and above, that's what I'm aiming for by the end of this year. Still, it would have been pretty awesome to pass and say that I managed to get it within 5 months. But oh well, hahaha at least I'm almost there!

That aside, we recently just celebrated our 100th day! In Korea, they don't just celebrate the months and the years but they also celebrate 100 days of being together from the 1st day they get together. Since I'm living here and I want to be like one... why not? Went to Seoul for the weekend to explore and watch a baseball match! It's been one of the things that has been bugging me ever since I came here because I really wanted to watch as I've heard so much about the games. Indeed not one word was a lie. More about it later..

2,000 won cup chicken.. Amazing stuff

This is called a money-bag hahaha

Went to Namdaemun Market also to take a look and to buy a new camera bag. It was PACKED like crazy and we had to keep squeezing between the huge crowd. However they have really good food in every corner and we just couldn't resist the temptation to queue up and buy as well!


King Mandu (왕만두) - Meat and vegetables inside

Mind you, the queue wasn't that long for this but we waited a good 15-20 minutes for this because the dumplings took time to cook and people kept buying boxes and boxes of them. I only wanted the minimal amount and it was 5 for 3,000 won. SO FRIGGIN CHEAP!!! (again, Singapore ha!)

Look at that cute awesomeness (holding the bag of dumplings, hehehe)

Look at that sexy awesomeness

My new camera bag ^_^

After that we turned into what was a seemingly dead end, with a surprise at the end! We saw some people eating what looked like a huge Hoddeok (호떡) which is something like a flour cake that's fried? Inside is normally cinnamon sugar. However this one had this vegetable-noodle like filling and people everywhere were eating it and it smelled so heavenly!!

So we managed to find this and we started queuing! It was also around 15-20 minutes and it was only 1,000 for 1! 야채 호떡 is the name of you wanna go and find it in Namdaemun. It's really awesome.

Snake-like queue

Getting there...


The vegetables were well seasoned and they had a nice salty flavor to it. The outer flour was crisp and light on the outside and had a nice warm and soft inner layer. Perfection.

I read online that to get to the Jamsil Baseball Stadium (잠실 야구장) we had to get off at Jamsil station and then go to Exit 2. What happened was that the stupid website probably misprinted it or absentmindedly copied the name of the stadium because we were supposed to get off 2 stops later at the Sports Complex Station. However we didn't know that and we started asking Korean people for directions and they just pointed us in the direction to walk. After a while of walking we felt it was pretty ridiculous that it's so far so we asked again. 

Apparently we were only 1 stop away and had to walk another stop to reach the place. Considering that the website said we have to be there 30-45 minutes earlier to buy tickets or else we'd have no tickets left, we hurried like crazy walking towards the stadium. Awesome enough, we made it in time! 

As we were reaching the stadium, you could hear the blaring sounds from the commentator and the sound of people rushing here and there. It was loud, it was amazing and the atmosphere was so hyped up! Seriously, if you're in Korea, you HAVE to try it. Apparently the game that day was one of the popular ones because I heard from a friend that usually it's not that packed.

Look at that queue!

The baseball stadium

Apparently it's common practice for them to get chicken and sit behind together

Our view

As we were on the top of the seats, it got colder as the night grew longer. It got so bad that after I came back from buying chicken (how to be Korean if we don't eat like them haha) we moved down to the lower seats where the wind wasn't that strong. The view was much better and we were closer to the pitch. 

There were a few times where one of the off side catchers threw practice balls to us (not in my direction though) and people were standing up and catching. The  atmosphere was simply amazing and it was a really great experience to have been there. The cheering from the Koreans on each side, and the way they screamed and sang out loud to support their favorite teams.... Speechless.

Indulged in a little Baskin and Robbins hahaha

Back to reality, went to try this restaurant that we've seen so many times but haven't gone in yet. It serves Asian food and since we were missing a little taste of home, we decided to go for this. The food was so-so and a little pricey, so I doubt I'll be going back again, but it was a good experience I guess.

Garlic Fried Rice

Spicy Beef Kway Teow

Mixture of Jjajjang (짜짱면), Fried Rice (볶음밥), and Chicken (깐풍기)

Teriyaki Chicken

Brown Rice, Broccoli, Spam, Omelette, Seaweed

That's all for now.. Till next time!

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