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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Went to Seoul over the weekend to do something cliche... Hahaha Namsan Tower, to put love locks! Oh well, I know it's a little bit cliche, but it's fun and it's  a first experience for the both of us. Be warned, it's going to be a mushy post and you will feel like puking and stabbing me for writing this post hahaha.


Had some time before going up to the mountain and we were hungry... So grabbed a bite at some random street side restaurant that served pancakes. There were a few pancakes that had different ingredients in them and they were all called ~전 so we just got the mixed one so that we could try everything. Apparently it's not the same as those pancakes that were made with the special flour that they have... But this one was just different stuff panfried with egg. 

Mixed Pancakes... Not too bad!

There was an immensely long queue for the cable car... So much longer than the last time I came with Sophia and Michelle. But after around 2 hours of waiting, we finally made it up.. The cable car costs 9,000W per person for round trip and 6,000W per person for a single trip. We wanted to try walking down so we got the single trip.


Well, when you're there you'll definitely take the same pictures as anyone else who would be there. But it's really nice, being there with someone that you wanna do these kinds of things with. Well apart from love locks people do put friendship locks as well, if you want the friendship to last for eternity.

PS: I also found out that after you put the locks, you're supposed to put the key into a box that's provided, but I always thought that you're supposed to throw the keys so that they can never be unlocked, signifying it to last forever... No? Hahahaha.







Went to walk around after we were done and saw so many couples walking around, just looking at different things and enjoying each other's presence. The place where I wanted to eat burgers and fries weren't serving anymore by the time we were done and wanted to eat... Pretty sad, so we just walked down Namsan after that. There was also a live performance by some guys, and it was really really nice.


Went to Myeong-dong after that to grab a bite, but most shops were already closing by that time and we had really little choice. Chanced upon this ice-cream crepe shop and the guy was really friendly so we got one from him. Oh my goodness it was SO good.



Look at that seductive awesomeness, crepe, nutella, banana, ice-cream
  Always happy when there's food, hahah

Ended up buying street food and eating sundae in ddeokbeokki (떡볶이) sauce, which was really really good... Combined with a piece of fried chicken, corndog and fishcakes (어묵), our supper was pretty superb.

 The next day, we wanted to find something really nice to eat for lunch because of the lack of foods that we craved for. Came across this amazing selection of croquettes. Well croquettes in my country doesn't look all that appetizing, but these smelled amazing and looked like they packed a punch.


Turned out really great, curry and shrimp

The weather was blazing, so we got some ICE-CREAM! 

They used to be longer, but we concluded it's because it melts faster in summer... so... 

Went to have 찜닭 after that

It's some sort of braised chicken cooked in a special spiced sauce with glass noodles and vegetables. It's quite huge so it's good for 2-3 people. It has a wonderful herb taste and kinda spicy. It smells amazing, but people like me, who can't take much spicy food, shouldn't eat it when it's so hot and the weather is burning outside.

After which, we went to Insadong to walk around, and maybe check out the Nagwon music mall for some guitars/drums. Spent the entire day walking and walking till we were so tired. But it's better than doing nothing back in Cheonan, right? 


The making of rice cakes 

Look at the massive amount of people, not just foreigners

Best place to go to if you want to buy Korean merchandise for friends/family



Let me introduce you to this amazing little piece of awesomeness

It is a piece of cuttlefish which they have fried and (hopefully) seasoned and marinated with what I can just imagine the most amazing mix of flavors possible. That little bite you take, that minute crunch would burst out in flavors and just melt in your mouth. I loved it to bits, and it's so cheap (1000W for 2 pieces)

Checked out Nagwon music mall after that but it was closed... (Maybe because it's Sunday) so after that we decided to head back because we were so frigging tired after the entire day of walking. 

After which, it was our final week of school before the mini semester break that we'll be having. Just us having a bit of fun before our final examinations. My classmates that sit beside me (Sameera and Takuro)


My cute girlfriend who sits opposite me pretending to be a duck :D 

I also took part in a Hangeul handwriting competition, just to try it out. At first I thought I'd be able to stand a small chance, but after seeing what other people could do I wanted to just back out hahaha. But then I just took the chance and tried.. Anyway we're in another country, so it's about time to try something new... right? 


Alberto, one of our Japanese students 


 Look at his handwriting, so beautiful
 Keila, who won a prize of 50,000W!

 Final product that I was going to hand in


Pretty happy to be well-fed, joyful, and in good health these few months in Korea. It's been a blast, experiencing many new things, and learning new things. I can proudly say that I am now no longer a beginner in the Korean language, and have passed to the next level. More on the graduation in the next upcoming post! Toodles~


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