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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

빙수 from Caffe bene

The weather lately has been rather hot, so be warned, there's a lot of Korean Ice Desserts coming up... Hahahaha, they're called 빙수 (bingsu), or usually known as 팥빙수 (patbingsu) whereby the real traditional one was filled with red bean, but as the generations go by, the younger people definitely want other flavors other than boring same old ones. Red bean isn't really a general favorite anyway in Singapore, as far as I know.

Was also craving for INTESTINES. So we went to this nearby barbecue restaurant that served intestines!! :D So happy.

Preparing for the grill

The meat above is intestines and pork throat

The intestines were fat-filled and yummy

The pork throat, surprisingly, was tender and flavorful

Look at that amazing sexiness

Near our dorm, we have this pretty amazing cafeteria that serves buffet everyday, and sometimes we go there for lunch, however not all the time the food is that good. There was this one day that it was pretty perfect. Meat, egg, potatoes, bean sprouts, mushrooms, fried stuff and rice. AMAZING STUFF.

Apart from cultural classes, we had this class that taught us grammar and it was something like a revision class I guess? The teacher spoke excellent English and she was able to help us with a few problems that we couldn't really ask in class since our teachers didn't speak English that well. We had a total of 7 lessons and when it ended the teacher bought us all pizza!

Pizza parties are really common in Korea, well, not too sure for the other places but as far as I am now, quite common in my school where teachers (usually) buy food for their students at the end of the semester or course/lessons as a celebratory gesture?

Was craving for stake one fine day and we went to eat at this restaurant in Shinsegae called Bennanigans. It served pretty cheap steak and I realized why after ordering and eating it hahahaha. It's bad, wasn't tender, wasn't even what I ordered: Medium Rare.

My crappy steak :(

But this here is THE FRIGGIN BOMB: Chicken Salad. SO DAMN GOOD.

Another crappy steak.

Another photo of a 빙수. ㅋㅋㅋ Cheese!

On top you see a scoop of fine smooth vanilla ice cream, and then underneath it's fluffy ice shavings. Surrounded by almonds, cheese cake, and CHEESE POWDER. That's what makes it so awesome, the fact that it's more or less value for money, and it's delicious. They're generous with their toppings and their ingredients.

We also ate at this place called Saboten in Shinsegae, opposite from Bennanigans, actually. It served the BEST black pork tonkatsu that I have ever tasted D: Seriously, after eating it my face was in shock and I had to stop to comment that it was the best pork I have ever tasted. The meat was tender and juicy, and yet maintained it's structure even after getting sliced. The crust was crisp and light and full of flavor.

Le gf had spicy ramen, not too bad in my opinion. (Can't beat my pork tonkatsu T.T)

This is called jjimdak (찜닭)

Not my favorite dish at all, nor even something that I might even order, but since I'm in Korea, what the heck I thought I'd give it a try. It's chicken with other things, like ddeok, vegetables, onions, garlic and in a certain sauce that tastes like herbs. It's all good but I really dislike chicken that has been boiled or brothed because they lack taste and more often than not you're just tasting the sauce. The meat is too soft for my liking. I am a FRIED STUFF MAN.

Sweet potato cake (고구마 케이크)

A must-try in Korea, since it's something that other countries probably don't have. However, not to my liking either. Carbohydrates with cakes don't cut it for me.

Another 빙수 ㅋㅋㅋ: 딸기 맛!

It's been a heck of a month, studying hard but also playing hard, enjoying life here and also revising well. Been practising my Korean well when going out and ordering food, or when talking to people around. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Especially since I'm in a new country, it's either you try or you live to regret not trying.

Look at the last photo aboev, with so much Rameon (라면) and it's friggin cheap too like 1000w - 1500w? That's like under $2 per bowl and so many flavors to choose from D:

Life is good~

 Okay that's it for my updates, and now it's time for my musings...

You never know when you speak too fast and too soon. You know it's never about the ending but the journey, but at the end of the day you know you're affected by the decisions made that affects the ending. 

People screw you over, that's a true-blue fact but how you react determines what you get out of it. It also dictates how the situation would probably turn out. You always think that the safety net is there and that you can probably control the situation as long as you have a say in it. But sometimes that say was just snatched from you, or the control may just have been passed on to someone else.

Maybe that's why people turn into such selfish beings. It's because of that self-defense mechanism that we have inside us, that always looks for the easier way out, even if it means hurting the people around us, and the people whom we call friends. 

I know for a fact that most of the time there's nobody to blame, because what's the point of blaming someone when the outcome's gonna be the same anyway? Because it makes you feel better? What's the point of feeling better when at the end of the day you don't get what you want? Sometimes when life sucks I try to go to bed, because nothing good happens in the middle of the night and the thoughts that you have will only drown you.

Sleeping is the fastest way to another day and another morning and it'll definitely be better, even if it's not good. Someone recently said to me "You spoke too fast, too soon" and that may actually be right. But one thing's for certain, is that at least I can say for a fact that I didn't speak too soon about you. 

The title of friendship doesn't really play such a big role if you look at it through a bigger picture, it's who you actually go to when in doubt, and who you look for when a celebration is called for. We're all we have here, but is it worth it taking the easier way out?

There's no one else to blame but myself. Speaking too fast, too soon. But I know this will pass, and this will be a lesson to learn. Maybe it's something that wouldn't mean that much to others, and sometimes you think that it's not worth helping others because nobody actually looks out for you. That IS the world out there, and you can't count on anyone except your blood. In some sad cases, you can't even count on your own blood. But that aside, it is true. 

생각 때문에 기분이 나빠져요...ㅎㅎ
괜찮아~ 내일이 좋은 추억 다시 될거야

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