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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Went to watch X-men the other day with the rest. It was pretty good, something that I never expected. I actually don't really read too much into the different storylines that comic books provide, and I just watch the plot for what it is, and sometimes hear the storyline from my fanatic friends. So most of the time, if the story was good enough, and the effects/action awesome enough, I'm contented. But the people who want to argue over what was in and what wasn't.... I am hardly listening to them most of the time hahaha.


Went to eat at bennanigans again, the one with the crappy steak, but awesome chicken salad. We ordered this teriyaki chicken rice thing that tasted JUST LIKE ZHI CHAR, SRSLY. It's like some food cooked straight out of ordering from a zhi char stall -_-

The heavenly chicken salad... Fried chicken, lettude, egg, cheese, tomatoes omigodddd.

After mixing it up, looks so pretty!

Recently I've been playing this game with Kiyo, called Smite. It's something like dota I guess? With creeps and towers, and titans (thrones) but it's really fun because the graphics are good and they're wasd controls, so it's something like CounterStrike but it's a 3rd person view. So you have normal shooting and skills and such.

First time beating Kiyo *historic moment*

Went to the chinese buffet at Galleria again after X-men, and this time ordered different things.

"Do a funny face" - Same Saulo face.

"Do a Saulo face" - Same Saulo face -_-'

Been walking around a lot lately, checking out places that haven't been explored, and looking around at the houses of different people. It's funny how you can live for so long, going through the same motion, without knowing what the outside world looks like... I don't want to be like that, and neither do I want to be stuck in a shell where I work my ass off and not know the different cultures and lifestyles that people live. I want to see the world.

We found this Japanese restaurant nearby (around 20 minutes walk?) and it has really good food!! The tonkatsu is nothing compared to the black pork, but at least it's something. The cheese katsudon also is DA BOMB. Seriously, just looking at it again makes my mouth drool because it's so good!

Look at that awesome cheese D:

Ahhhh~ 먹고 싶다!!

We've been seeing this a lot and it's olden day snack. It's basically made out of melting sugar? Or something along that lines, burning it above a bunsen burner. Then after it's melted, they pour it on a cooled metal surface and then shape it. After which they just add some random picture on it. Attention: DO NOT that the darker ones. I know that humans tend to go like, ooo that's darker, might be crispier and nicer. Apparently not, it tasted more burnt than appetizing. 

안녕 아빠, 엄마! 아주 그리워요.. 보고 싶다! ㅠㅠ

This here are the people that I always see downstairs playing table tennis!

Over the last weekend I tried out a jjimjilbang (찜질방) which means spa house/room. Technically it's a bath/spa house but people usually use it as a means of a cheap hotel where they can shower and spend the night. Well in most cases, if you go there in the afternoon/morning then you're just going there to shower and have spa, but those that go there in the wee hours of the night just need somewhere to take a bath and then spend the night.

Usually in jjimjilbangs, Koreans like to drink and then if they're too drunk to go back they just go in, take a bath and then hurridly go and sleep on the floor. In this jjiljilbang, there're different floors, some for females, some for males, and some are unisex with restaurants where you can eat.

Photos aren't allowed inside so the only ones you can see are the ones I managed to take. When you first go in, you pay an upfront price of entry (13,000W for 12 hours) and then you get a bracelet and a change of clothes. You go in, put your shoes in the lockers provided then proceed up to your respective floors to take a bath/shower. Then after that you can come back down and then go play games (arcade games) or have a meal or even go swimming (but you need to bring your own swimming attire)

The shower rooms, beware, are filled with naked people. So you have to go naked as well. It's not that fine in Singapore, but in Korea/Japan it's really okay to be naked in front of people, especially when it's a bath house. I guess in the past they used to be mixed but now since they have to go with the times, it's now separated.

After that, there're different sauna rooms for you to try. There was some with yellow soil which you sleep on that gives good benefits to your skin. Charcoal rooms, and the smell is horrible D: Different different sauna rooms that were pretty interesting. Even an ice room! People are all around sleeping on floors, so you just need to find a spot and then lie down and sleep!

The one we went to was supposedly the most expensive one in Seoul, so you can imagine the rest that wouldn't have that many facilities available, and would be like 8000~9000 won? But if you're just drunk or tired and needing a place to stay, it wouldn't really matter, would it? All you'd need is a good warm shower and then a place where you can rest your head and sleep.

Lifts proceeding to men/women floors.

After taking a shower, and in the clothes

The watch/bracelet provided with your locker key

Usually in the bath house, there're eggs to eat, either in the morning or night. We wanted to try all the eggs so we picked a basket with 3 different kinds. From the right, anti-clockwise: Boiled, Roasted, Charcoal-roasted.

The first one tasted just normal, like any other boiled egg. The second one had a little roasted taste, like a brown taste? I don't really know how to describe but you actually can taste the difference. The last one had a vast difference, charcoal-roasted. It's really brown in colour and then the taste had a burnt feeling and it was really really fragrant! They're eaten with salt, but I'd really rather eat them with soy sauce ;(

The next morning we wandered around Hongdae and went to find food and things to see. It's not that nice in the afternoon, and I guess it's more happening in the evenings/night.

This thing here, is pretty nice. It's like a waffle but it's long. Filled with whipped cream and ice cream, with flavorings and then toppings. Omg it's so so so sinful~ But we had one. The big fat problem was that it was so difficult and troublesome to eat because the sauces kept dripping and it was so difficult to bite the waffle off without getting your cheeks and face covered with cream.


The dude prepping our waffle.

Look at that glorious awesomeness.

A few days ago we got to try on the Hanbok (한복) - Traditional Korean Outfit. It consists of the pants, inner shirt and outer shirt. I can't remember the names, but there're names for the different parts of the outfit. There're also certain ways to tie up the knots and also the strings.

Male outfit

Male and female outfit

All the ladies in my class

The colors are so pretty!

Our whole class

All the dudes in our class

The girls with another teacher (박 선생님)

Me and Albert photobombing lol

And of course... Where there are men, there is bound to be trouble and some fooling around hahaha.

 Indeed, it was an interesting experience and learning how to wear it really was quite a chore. So many steps to take and follow! But at least that's one thing to check off the list! I'm really thankful for this opportunity to study here, to learn about something different and to open my eyes to a culture other than my own country. It makes you a more open-minded person and it forces you to be more accepting of the people around you.

I do hope that ultimately, at the end of my 5 years, I can look back on this blog and see how much I have changed.

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