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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Korean Udon? But it was a little plain and bland

Life has pretty much been the same lately. I've moved on to Korean Language Beginner Book 4. (한국어 초급 4 권) and frankly it's getting really stifling. The language needs time to sink in but it's week after week after week of lessons and new things. The weekend break isn't even enough and actually to make sure you're progressing well and not cramming your mind too much, daily studying and revising is actually good for you. (Or at least, pretty good for me)

But other than that, I'll always take the time to go around and explore and eat different things. I've spent a lot of time WALKING too, because most of the time there's nothing else to do other than exploring and trying out new things.

We walked around and saw this Thai place, selling Roti, where it's a sort of dough that's pan fried till crisp and served with fruits (bananas) and sweet stuff (honey/maple/syrups) and it's sort of a dessert I think? It's a newly opened shop and it's owned by this Korean girl who went backpacking across Thailand for 3 months. She really liked the culture, food, and experience that she had.

The shop's cute, filled with a lot of her photos of her travels. It's really interesting to see how a trip can change a person's life and even the person's future paths and plans. I doubt she ever expected opening a shop of her own selling exotic foreign food.

This is a CHALK FRIDGE. I'm so jealous now.

Actually, this reminds me a lot of the Indian food in Singapore, Roti Prata, where it's fried dough and I normally eat it with sugar rather than curry and it tastes heavenly when eaten as breakfast. Especially when it's piping hot and all. The smell is SO captivating and I remember waking up to my dad bringing them back from the market on weekends. YUM.

Apart from that, we tried different food in Cheonan terminal. (천안 터미널) and this is Dakgalbi (닭갈비) which is translated into chicken rib. It's supposedly the nicest part of the chicken, but I still think the thigh meat is the best, because I love how succulent and juicy that part is, especially if it's fried and from popeyes chicken. :D

Preparing to cook the meat before adding the rice

Look at that glorious awesomeness waiting to be eaten.

Experienced watching a movie in a different theatre too, and this place sells popcorn like this! What an excellent idea to those who like to mix popcorn. Even though they charge a little for mixing (500 won, like what 50 cents?) flavors, they offer like 5 flavors, not just sweet or salted.

We also tried this buffet in a Chinese restaurant. Funny how I don't like Chinese food but I really enjoyed the food and ambiance in this place. The foods were simple but had a unique Korean spin to it. This place is also located at the Galleria, same as the Ashley's buffet place I blogged about previously.

View of the salad bar.

My pretty girlfriend making salad. <3

Round 1

Fried rice (볶음밥)

Jjajjangmyeon (짜짱면)

Noodles saturated in thick brown sweet sauce that is served sometimes with potatoes or meat.

This thing (can't remember the name) is FRIGGIN awesome. The meat is succulent and soft and has really nice flavoring. It's just sugar, salt and spices apparently but the flavors work so well together. Just writing about it makes me drool D:

And of course, to end it off.... Fruits and jellyooo

Till next time!

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