My month of the year, April

Friday, 2 May 2014

Honey & Butter Toast (Oh my god this is so good~)

It's been a hell of a month, April. Continued on to the next book in Korean Language Course. Other than the daily routine of going to class and self-study thereafter, there has been a lot more happenings throughout the month. Of course, I turned 23, as per the past post, but a lot more has been discovered and uncovered, if you may say so.

Been taking the time out after studying to go walking around, enjoying the scenery, enjoying the company of friends, and ultimately, making sure that I'm also having fun amidst the studying. It's never all about the work, because as the saying goes: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. My very first priority in coming here indeed was to have fun, and thereafter study really hard. At the same time, I'm pretty glad I'm at least responsible ENOUGH to study hard when the need arises.

I believe having fun is crucial, but then again the feeling you have when you know you've moved on to the next level, not only just meagerly, but succeeding excellently, that's out of this world.

Letters from home~ You guys make me miss home..

Best shit ever (Strawberry cream cheese frappe)

I've been taking the liberty that I have to hit the gym more often, eat a little less during meals and sometimes skipping dinner. (Stopping all food intake after 8pm too) and I'm glad to say that as of now (2 months 1 week) that I've been here, I've lost 6kg~ I don't know if you can tell but my parents said my face looks slimmer now.

얼굴이 어때요? 날씬해? ㅋㅋㅋ...

I ate at this American buffet restaurant a few weeks ago called Ashley, and it was SO good. I am drooling now as I type this. The photos of the food may not look that delicious but I remember the smooth taste of subtle love-at-first-sight when the flavors tickled my tastebuds.

So many people on a Saturday afternoon~

ROUND 1 (Pizza, chicken, pasta, soup, salad)


Look at it's amazing awesomeness just oozing out from inner depths of flavor

ROUND 2. (Ice cream, dessert, fruits, pizza)

This is really THE BOMB. It's like frozen mango, dragonfruit, kiwi, blueberry. SO DAMN NICE.

Closer look at the desserts, mini cheesecake and brownie, yoghurt and some tart

ROUND 3 (More fruit salad) It's so good T.T

Toppings for the yoghurt, srsly good quality stuff.

The array of meat available

So much awesome food :D

Here's a panoramic view of the entire place. Excluding the seating areas.

The Galleria, Asan Station
19,000 W (Weekends)
12,900 W (Weekdays) 

One thing is for certain, even if I don't enjoy the lifestyle here, I really enjoy the FOOD here. It's not just delicious, but it's cheaper here than in Singapore. Even this buffet that I had, with its generous array of food, cost me $20 where in Singapore it'd be like $25~$35, not to mention on a weekend too. 

I love eating, whenever people ask me the question, "Do you eat to live, or do you live to eat?" The answer from me would always be "LIVE to eat" Definitely. With so much good food around, why would you just want to eat the bare minimum to survive? I really wonder how come I wasn't gifted with higher metabolism so that I could eat as much as I want but never seem to gain any weight, like a friend I have. However, his stomach starts to burn itself if he doesn't eat something within every hour, and the maximum he can go is 4 hours. Tough luck for those who kidnap him wanting some ransom in return. 

Sometimes I still can't believe that I'm actually in Korea, and being paid to study. It's somewhat like winning the lottery, just that you take a long time to get your money, and along the way you get all these new experiences and adventures. It's never the destination that really matters, because it's the journey that molds you. The destination to that journey is just the beginning of another adventure.

Believe it or not, I cannot wait for the next few years to come, yet, I really don't want it to end, because I don't want to face the harsh reality of living in the real world, especially not in Singapore. It's 5 years, and it really does seem long, but as of now, it's 4 years, 9 months and 3 weeks left. Time will fly by, and it waits for no man. Appreciate what you have before it ends.

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