Love (사랑)

Monday, 19 May 2014

Love is never equal, neither is it forced, nor is it deserved.

You can choose how much love you give, but you can never decide how much you receive, neither can you expect a certain amount in return for what you have given up. Because when you do that, you're not doing it out of love, but out of the benefit you're receiving from what you give. It's not love, it's purchase.

That's what makes us human, the ability to love, AND the ability to choose. You decide who you love, how much you love, and how much of yourself you're giving. Even to the point it pains you, it's actually okay because the pain signifies vulnerability. You see mothers doing all they can for their children and you see spouses willing to die for their other half. How would you even achieve such unconditional love, such agape love? I don't know. I don't even think you can know it throughout this entire lifetime. It's all about the journey and knowing how much you give isn't always what you receive, but what you give is the joy that others receive and that should be enough. 

Love isn't a transaction, it's a one-off "payment" you make with nothing in return except the fact that you're blessing that person you're giving to. And if you get something back, well, let's just say you're loved too. 

I've heard that the pain one feels if their spouse dies is immensely piercing and causes damage to the emotional heart. Imagine that worst break-up or fight you had, it wouldn't even compare to it. It's called a "tear of your soul" because when two become one, their souls are intertwined and when one is "taken away" from the other, it isn't a mutual nor even one-sided force but an external force moving by surprise and ripping it apart. Now imagine that someone rips off your leg hair with some wax strips by surprise. Yeah that kind of feeling but magnified pain. 

The pain in the heart, isn't all that unnecessary actually, it makes you feel human and it makes you remember you're on this earth for something more than just yourself. It reminds you that you, are so precious that you're capable of feeling love AND loss. It lets you remember that our purpose in life isn't just to study, work, pay our debts and procreate. I embrace pain, because pain is good, and pain determines the level of yourself that you're opening up. 

Love is something hard to come by, cherish what you have, remember what you've lost and learn from what you think you could have, because it'll all work out well on working on what you DO have. Love is worth fighting for

Side note: Can't wait till the day I can actually write like this in Korean hahaha. 

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