Shall we? YES LET'S GO.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Impromptu decisions are the best kind. After class, walked a friend to her meeting at the Main Building, and then went out to a rooftop garden. With a bird's eye view, we all caught a glimpse of a man who tried to walk up to this mysterious "shrine" at the top of a hill. (I'll call it mountain for the effort we made to get up) However he didn't complete it and ended up heading back down.

"OMG LET'S GO DO IT!!!" - the beginning of every great story that you'll tell.
What great story begins with "okay so I went to the library to do homework..."?


We didn't know there was a real path up, so we forged out own

NOT dressed to trek up muddy paths

While we were here, we saw an OWL! It's my first time seeing an owl in the wild. It was so majestic and those deep dark eyes were staring into my soul, knowing and understanding me to my very core. 

The trees had many similar ones like this tied to the branches, probably love ties?

It's so beautiful~

Faces of success!

King of the world

Conqueror of the world

Princess of the world?

Seriously, when we were like halfway or 3/4 way up, we were like ' oh my god this is so difficult ' but we kept telling each other to push on and kept climbing the STEEP STEEP SLOPES. Finally when we made it to the top the feeling was so good, and not even mentioning the scenery! Especially at SUNSET. It was amazing.

All well dressed and definitely not for "mountain climbing" hahaha.

After that we went down to the housing area that looks so new and so beautiful to have dinner and to take more photos. It was just a day of walking and talking and photo taking~ I found this angel wings thing with a cherry blossoms tree behind the other day when I wandered here alone.

I'm pretty excited that Spring is here, and it's getting a little warmer day by day. But lately it's still been pretty cold and raining here and there. But it's great, because to me I prefer the cold than the heat. (Maybe I'll sing a different tune after experiencing the harsh winter here) You can always wear more when you're cold, but how much can you possibly take off in the heat?

I hardly do any of this in Singapore, especially since it's so hot all the time. Walking from building to building would already put me in a bad mood from all that perspiration and stickiness from the humidity. I love the weather here, and I love the scenery!! I really really hope the novelty doesn't ever wear off! 

Fun aside, I still put in effort in my studies and I make sure that I study hard when the time arises. I guess that's where you find the balance in your life right? Where you work and work hard, then you play and you play hard. It'll never be good if you are half-hearted in either, because both sides will screw up. 

I've had the pleasure of having deeper friendships here, rather than just superficial ones that are only about jokes and fun all the time. I mean, that's the main point of coming to another country right? Where you can actually learn more about others and their cultures and hopefully adopt the good virtues that others carry and let loose a few bad ones that you've caught on from yours.

The ease of conversations and willingness to share is what I really appreciate about the people around me. There's a big difference between a friendship with a person that you may meet everyday but it's all jokes and professional, and another one where you take time to invest toward the depth of it, because after awhile, you'll know each other so well.

In great friendships, happiness is doubled and sadness is halved.

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