First Birthday in Korea

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sup :D

Today, I turn 23. It's not really a significant number, and neither is it such a big one at that. It's just a realization that many things in life doesn't come easily, and that time really waits for no man. Every birthday to me is like a flashback to the other years and try to figure out what's been done and what else I can do. End of the day, the thoughts were never good.

 My 3 previous birthdays haven't been the best yet, because life seemed ever so stagnant in army, and it really felt like there was no progress, just the same mundane routine day in and day out, with no goal at the end (maybe to finally ORD) but having no "goal" or "vision" at the end of each year really sucks the life out of you, and you turn into a shell without a soul. Whenever people asked me, "what did you wish for?", I almost always have a hard time answering because the answer was more or less the same for the 3 years, which was to finish army safely and move on to the next phase in my journey of life.

Now that it's actually happened, I can only tell you one thing: it's AWESOME. 

It was a pretty great start. Early in the morning the guys surprised me by jumping on my sleepy self until I woke up. Indeed here I am searching for a new experience and it comes to me.

Went for class, the usual stuff and after that we went to eat at the same place again, pork and a bottle of soju for celebration at 2pm in the afternoon. Went back for a nap after and woke up to finish up my homework. After that went downstairs for a celebration with all the KGSP scholars. Same old cake cutting and singing of the birthday song. And then Kiyo was like, "Are you ready?" I totally knew what was gonna happened so I replied, "I'm ready, bring it on"

Andddddd... Cake FIGHT!!! Hahahaha it was hilarious! I had so much fun taking cream and wiping each other's face with it. It really reminded me that even though I'm about to embark on my next phase of life, even as a 23 year old, it doesn't mean that we have to lose the youthfulness and childlike-ness that we have. 

I also had the pleasure of skyping with my parents. I remember someone telling me this once, "Make time to spend your mum during your birthday, because it's not just special for you, but for her too" My parents skyped me and had a cake with them. They lit a candle and then sang me a birthday song. After that they ATE MY CAKE. Oh well, seeing as they can't send it over. 




I am so glad for a better year and a better birthday. It's been one heck of a month here and I'm looking forward to more awesome ones to come.

23 is but a number. Youthfulness is from the heart. And I hope my heart will forever be childlike. 

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