Home away from home

Friday, 25 April 2014

Every now and then we have a little taste of home, even if we are away from home. Be it the memories, the things that remind you of home, or just the feeling of knowing you're loved even from the other side of the world. 

It's all good when things go your way, but what happens when it all comes crashing down? Where do you turn to, and who do you go to? It's not all about your actions most of the time, but it's about your feelings and your heart. It's about how you deal with what you feel inside.

We all have those moments, and as of now, the only people we have are our friends. Who you mix with determines how you are, more often than not, because it also shows who's there for you to lean on. People who want to always be alone is bullshit to me, because the world is made FOR relationships, and we're meant to be social and to forge friendships with others. 

With the age of social media, it's not hard to keep in contact with people around the world, even if they're far. On top of that, "stalking" or to put it less crudely, "looking out" for other people is an even easier job, and with the luxury of not having the other party know you're doing it. Yet, yet, yet... It will never beat a period of heart to heart, face to face, over a cup of coffee. The feeling will never be the same, neither will the conversation. 

I appreciate confrontation, I appreciate time given and time reciprocated. I appreciate quality time. There can never be a gift bigger or better than the time or words your family and friends can give you. Most of the time they're irreplaceable and the feeling you experience that comes with it, can't ever be matched if someone else said it. 

Be it the situation you're in, or how you handle it, just remember that as much as you're there for people, people'll be there for you too. I don't have much experience in living alone, but I'm glad I'm not learning how to deal with it the hard way... Yet again, somehow it pains me when I see things in a different light. 

If only the world was less complicating.... Hahaha, then life wouldn't really be all that a challenge, would it?

I still want life like this~

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