Studying hard~

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hard at work~

I used to think it was a really long walk from one end of Temasek Polytechnic's Engineering school to the other end of Business school for lunch but I now know the true meaning of far. If you stop to think about the distance you are going to travel just to grab some lunch and then study and after that back to the dorm, you won't even want to go and eat. It's a good 20 minute walk between each location and it's butt-freezing cold outside. 

This morning I was a little late so I ate my breakfast while walking and after a while I had to throw my remaining food and put my hands back in my pocket because it was so COLD! (주워요!). After a while, the things experienced daily gets repetitive and it's all about studying and memorizing the words. I mean, it's probably the same as English, just that I have been speaking it for years upon years and naturally you learn new words all the time. However, right now we're cramming years of words that the Koreans learn in a simple 1 year, enabling us not just to be fluent in the language, but academically able to reproduce in formal Korean. 

One thing I really love is that this place promotes sports. We can loan basketballs, table tennis bats/rackets and even balls. I mean, I have always wanted people to play table tennis with but nobody from Singapore wants to play with me ): So now I have found Korean replacements for all my Singaporean friends hahaha. I enjoyed a good 2 hours of table tennis yesterday.

I love table tennis :D

Oh, another thing I'm really thankful for, photographer friends. 

You'll always get really good photos of yourself and your friends. 

We finally had lunch at Hansot (한솓) again. To be frank, I've almost never had CHEAP (3000₩) fast food, ever. Especially not in Singapore. I really thought the food was pretty awesome and everything is so convenient. However there's a really big price to pay for convenience. Even though Korea has many different bins so people can do their recycling, almost everything is disposable, from the utensils to the sauces and the bowls.

Look at that wonderful selection

Oh my precious bowl of awesomeness

After adding in all the sauces and seaweed..

It's SO good *drools* I feel like having it again now for dinner~ 
I am going to take another nap and then play some table tennis tonight!

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