Korean Language Course

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Today we start our Korean Language Course. It's pretty awesome, learning again from the classroom. It's been so long since I've sat down and learned from a teacher. It was quite an eventful learning experience, we all got to take a placement test that put us in different levels of classes. Although I knew a little bit of Korean letters and words, I still wanted to start from the basics just to make sure I didn't miss anything since most of the time I did self-study.

Did I mention again how much I love Korea? Waking up early, grabbing some breakfast (sandwiches, onigiri and milk) from the convenience shop at the dorm and then heading to the Language Institute with friends. Mind you, the language institute is around 20 minutes away by foot from the dormitories and the weather in the morning was a whopping -2°C. It's SO awesome, but I think in due time I will grow to dislike walking in the cold.

The class was small, around 16 people each class, and our teacher (김지희 선생님) made us repeat the pronunciations of the consonants and vowels. It was kinda fun, learning something new. There's a pretty cool system in which every 50 minutes of lesson, there's a 10 minute break where you do whatever you want; be it going to the toilet, getting some snacks/drinks from the convenience shop or playing games on your devices. OH OH OH, we can EAT in class!! Seriously, in Singapore I've never seen a class, be it primary, secondary or tertiary, allow food to be brought into and consumed while the class is going on.

Classes are 9:30am to 1:30pm, after that we headed to the cafeteria for lunch.. Wanted to try out the food, so we just went ahead. 

I can't remember what this is called, but it was pretty awesome.

Went back to the dorm to finish up my homework and took a nap!
(The weather is amazing, it'll be a sin not to nap)

For dinner we headed to somewhere near Hansot (한솓) and it looked like a house that turned into a restaurant. (Korea has many of these kind of things and that's what makes it so special; it feels like home-cooked food)

Like any Korean home, you have to remove shoes before entering.

Sitting on the floors

Bean Sprout Bibimbap (새싹비빔밥)

After mixing it up...

Kiyo's Pork Soup with Rice.

Best part about this place, is that for such a cheap price (6000₩) there was free flow of rice! For a rice bucket like me, I loooooove Korean rice, and all the more I'll love this place!

So far, it's been pretty awesome. Officially 1 week away from home in another foreign land, and not missing home.... yet. I'm glad the novelty is still going because I think it's pretty important in the beginning to keep the engine pumping so that when the times that you feel sad come along, you can pull through.

Living alone is way more fun than I have ever imagined, and the discipline that you require to make sure all the daily necessities are met, be it your laundry, meals and comfort, it's all on you.

Till next time!

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