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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Friends (친구)
I'm pretty lucky to have a group of close friends that I can share laughter with. I mean, we barely know each other, not even a month, but we're so comfortable with each other. Jokes aside, we share what we think with each other and I believe the friendships will not grow to be shallow but one that we may keep strong and healthy for years to come.

Staying in the university vicinity can be dreadfully boring and dull, so we have taken it upon ourselves to do some exploring in Cheonan and Seoul. The photos you'll see are spread across the 2 weeks that I have been here; shopping, eating and the likes.

We went to Itaewon (place that is usually famous for all the foreign food where foreigners go to relive their taste of their country's delicacies) in search of food to satisfy our diverse foreign taste buds, but ended up wanting to have something Korean. We found a shop by the corner right at the end of the street that sold Rameon (국수) and Dumplings. 

There was a wide variety of dumplings, ranging from pork, beef, cheese, shrimp, kim chi (don't try this unless you LOVE kimchi), vegetables and fried. I ordered the pork dumplings and noodles.

My lunch~

Everyone ordered different dumplings, so we ended up sharing so we all could try all the flavors.

Succulent, juicy pork wrapped in soft and chewy flour skin

Did I mention why I like having photographer friends?

We walked around the borders of our campus and wandered deep into a neighborhood, following a dodgy path. There were a row of shops selling Korean food so we decided to give it a try. This one is pretty interesting. It's called Sundubu (순두부) [Soft tofu stew] and it had a choice of pork/beef/dumplings. We also got to have Soju (소주) together as a group.

In Korea, selfies are important, so we are just following...~

The food is so goodddddd (맛있어요!)

Okay so if you see in the photo above, the rice is served in a hot stone bowl. Firstly, we scoop the rice into the soup and mix it together. It creates a really tasty and hot "porridge" that mixes well with the sauces and meat. After you're done eating the rice in the soup, there will definitely be leftover rice that was "burnt" and are now stuck to the sides of the bowl. (The bowl is pre-heated and if you touch it, you will get burned)

You take the tea from the teapot (2 photos down) and you pour it in the bowl. Thereafter, you take the wooden lid and you cover the stone bowl for ~5 minutes. After which you can start scraping the rice off the sides and have your very own unique taste of Korean tea rice (In my opinion I didn't like it but my friend did so... to each his own, right?)

We ordered a lot of food, so they gave this to us as service. It was pork and it was GOOD.

Tea to pour into the stone bowl

Icicles on trees on the way to school

As I said, selfies are a must, don't judge me T.T

We were craving for meat after the entire week of eating mostly fast and instant foods because of the cold cold wind and the intense laziness that overwhelmed us during dinnertime. Right after class on Friday, Saulo and I headed to Cheonan Bus Terminal (터미널) to grab some lunch and shop.

Steak Factory: MEAT!

There were steak, pastas, rice, sides, and even set meals

Funny thing here, the sets are actually meant for couples, or friends, who come in even numbers. We didn't realize because we were SO hungry that we ordered 2 sets, 1 for each of us. It had 1 steak, 1 pasta/rice and 2 drinks. Apparently a set meal serving 2 drinks didn't set off any alarms in our heads. There was so much food that I couldn't even finish. 

Cheese, given to us as service because we ordered a lot (apparently)
Chargrilled steak

Sausage shrimp fried rice

Our spread... Srsly, next time must order with brain

 ANDDDD, I bought a new coat!

Heck, even though I am only left with 1 month of "winter" to wear this, I don't really care. Walking to class is a torture every morning and not to mention in the afternoon when we are going to lunch/back to the dorm, the winds are harsh. This keeps me really warm and I love it!!! I may or may not shop for more in future but for now I love it. 

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Cheonan to catch a movie (hopefully) and then Seoul to meet Gnia before she has to go backkkk. Looking forward to a beef buffet, shopping and MY FRIED INTESTINES <3 at Anam omg it's the best in the world srsly.

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