Friday, 14 March 2014

300: Rise of an Empire

Over the weekend we went to watch a movie for the first time in Korea! Apparently, the earlier you go, the cheaper the tickets get. We watched a movie at 11:45am and it was like 8000 won. So so so cheap! After that we went to get some steak lunch because eating instant food for the entire week was so bad D:

I loved the movie! Though yea it wasn't as good as the first one (Spartans really add a lot of flavor and excitement to the movie) but I'd say that it's still a lot of adrenaline and action. Of course, it has to cater to the storyline that is the history, but the climax wasn't really there till the end of the movie. The way it ended tells me that it's gonna be a trilogy again. But all in all, enjoyed myself and great show! (4/5)

All ready for the movie~ (George looks like he's wearing eyeliner or something)

Selcas :D

We also shopped a little in Shinsegae at H&M and walked around for a little bit at E-Mart. I left them awhile after to go find Eugenia and Gin. Apparently, in the time that I was gone, they spent an enormous amount at E-Mart buying groceries and apparels/shoes. There's a really cool part where you can box up your things after purchase and then have an easier time loading and unloading from your vehicle. (In which this case they took a cab back to the school)

Meanwhile I went over to Myeong-dong (명덩) to meet up with Eugenia, Gin and Grace! It was like a mini-scouts reunion here in Seoul. Well, everytime I meet Gnia we have really good food, so.... BEEF BUFFET. It's 25000 won for lunch and 28000 won for dinner. It's friggin' awesome, trust me. It's in a little street just off of Myeong-dong and it looks like a random street house-shop.


The best part of the cow: Ribeye (등심)

The one on the left is the Ribeye (to be cooked), the middle and right one are eaten raw.


This is awesome, it's raw beef that you dip into the yolk in the centre, and you eat it with the sliced pear.

Look at the marbling on the Ribeye.... *drool*

I don't really know what this is called, but we call it Beef Bacon. Looks like it and spills out oil like no tomorrow.

Just look at it. D:

After which we wandered around Myeong-dong searching for a dessert place.

This place called "Poem"

Small and cosy, lovely ambiance

Look at all that mouth-watering desserts

Strawberry (딸기) & Banana (바나나) Waffle


Meeting you is like a joyride, it's never boring, never dull. Cheers to 7 years of friendship!

I love intestines but they are unbelievably expensive in Singapore. The ones here are fresh, HUGE and cheap! Did I mention they taste heavenly? I stayed over at Gin's place and the next day they brought me here to have fried Pig Skin (5500 won) and Intestines (7000 won). There's this really interesting thing called the Egg Crust (2000 won) too. You'll see it in the following pictures.

Drinking at 4pm~

Everything is cooked authentically (not electric), maybe that's why it tastes so good.

Setting up the grill and the egg crust (Yellow stuff around like a moat)

This is the serving for 4 people.


Pig Skin (Left) and Intestine (Right)

The egg crust (Srsly the photo doesn't do the taste justice)

This week has been the same old. Waking up early everyday for breakfast and heading to class.  After class we have this thing called self-study which I really dislike. It's from 3-5 pm whereby after the lunch hour we have to ALL sit in the classroom and finish our work and study. Usually, I get really sleepy after lunch and would take a nap for 30 minutes to an hour before starting my work/studying. Also since it's a language course I will read it out loud so that it's easier to memorize...

But since we require silence, that's pretty much impossible. It's been like that for a week and I guess I can only get myself adapted to it since we'll be having it all the way till we get the passing grade: TOPIK 3. However I'm aiming for TOPIK 5/6, but I'll be really glad when self-study is over for us.

I am so looking forward to the weekends where I can eat good food again and hopefully do something that's not related to studying because I am so mentally drained. Everyday is like an overload of information into the brain that sometimes you get so confused and it takes a while to get it sorted out again.

Hope you've had a good week!


  1. Wow... Note to self, not to read your posts late at night because it makes me all hungry.

    1. Hahaha, I just realized this comment was here! D: