First day in Korea~

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I touched down this morning at 6:23am (Korean Time).

Come to think of it, I really miss my family and friends back home in Singapore but there's so many things to do and think about that somehow it really gets pushed to the back of your mind. It's pretty awesome here in the land of Wifi. You're literally walking in the middle of the field and you wonder how the internet gets to you and it's still FAST.

It didn't really hit me that I'm leaving my parents for 5 years (albeit travelling back and forth every year for holidays) until the point where I had to hug and bid them goodbye at the departure gate. I think my mum's the one that's affected the most, because even though we do our own things at home, at least there's the presence of another person.

Ultimately, I'm looking forward to be spending 5 years here, learning the language and about the culture. It's quite a pleasant place to be, and I guess my interest in the language definitely plays a part.

I spent a good part of the day walking around the campus of Sunmoon University looking around and admiring the withered winter trees that you can never see in Singapore, the beautiful lakes and hills. Then another good part of the day NAPPING. Best nap ever! I didn't even need to turn on anything, but you're under covers and you get those little chills down your spine.

After waking up and freshening up, had some skype chats with some people from Singapore and then went downstairs to have a talk with the other scholars from other countries. The FUNNIEST thing that could ever happen: I walked down, and THOUGHT this group were the ones from KGSP, and ended up introducing myself and making friends. In the end, they were from another scholarship and have already been here for 2 months and apparently the group I was supposed to join was somewhere else.

Nevertheless, I had fun getting to know the other foreigners and had a good time. Tomorrow will be better and more interesting, since we'll be exploring the areas near campus and hopefully travel out of Asan/Cheonan. Apparently we can borrow basketballs and ping pong bats to play with friends, really excited for that!

Looking forward to making this blog something more than just where I speak my mind, but at least where I can create some memories for myself about the food, culture, people and lastly experience.

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